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Understanding what promotions work best for your business starts with the first offering.

We don’t expect you to be an expert on all things marketing, nor should you have to be. If you need help with building offerings, our support team will be ready to guide you through the process.

What are Offerings?

Offerings are not promotions or campaigns. They are descriptions of packages, services, and products your business has to offer (e.g., Family Fun Package, 1-Hour Massage, Happy Hour Menu, Skate Admissions or BYOB Paint Night). Offerings are how you give us permission to start generating new customers for you.

After you submit an offering form and let us know the max discount you are willing to offer, Hownd will then create the individual promos and test different versions for best results.

Discounts work! We recommend setting your max discount at 20% or higher. The higher the discount, the better the performance.

Don’t want to offer a discount?
We get it…but discounts grab your customer’s attention and give them an incentive to act. This means increased sales and performance for you!

Reach out to support@hownd.com if you’d rather run full priced offerings and we’ll handle your concerns.

Here’s how offerings work. Let’s say your business is a skate center and you’re offering Two Skate Admissions and you’re comfortable with a 40% max discount. Hownd will take that information to create promos and test different discounts up to your max threshold. Here’s an example of a Buy Now promo our system may create (see image to the right).

On special holidays or occasions, you don’t have to do anything! We’ll take the same offering to create a themed promo like this. Notice that we updated the image, title and discount.

Similar to Buy Now offerings, you can also create Coupon offerings. The main difference between Buy Nows and Coupons is that Coupons are not pre-purchased by the customer. 

How to set up my first offering?

Setting up your first offering is simple. Once you sign up for Hownd, all you need to do is:

  1. Log in and go to the Offerings page.
  2. Click a tile to build a Coupon, Buy Now or Gift Card.
  3. Submit the offering form.

What happens next?

After you build your first offering, we’ll take care of promo creation and distribution. Keep in mind, promos may take 2-3 days to generate. Our system will send your promos to the right customers at the right time initially through:

  • MyHownd® App
    A growing community of mobile consumers
  • Promo Landing Pages
    Share your promo wherever you like with a landing page link that’s designed to look good on various digital devices (phone, tablet and desktop). Request for your Promo Landing Page link by contacting support.

Don’t stop there! Your offerings can go a long way with Hownd.
Save big bucks on digital marketing while getting the full experience for FREE with Hownd.* Further setup is required. See all of our distribution channels below:

We recommend you make the most out of Hownd by setting up all distribution channels if applicable. To learn more about the setup process, check out our quick-start guide.

*All distributions are included in your free account except for the MyHownd WiFi.

Need assistance with setting things up? Feel free to reach out to us for help at support@hownd.com.

What’s the redemption process?

Once customers are at your door, they will show you the promo on the MyHownd app. Guide them through the redemption process.

Be sure to train your frontline staff.
Redeeming prevents reuse, something especially important for purchased promos!

Prompt customers to “Mark as Redeemed” if promo is valid.

Ask customers to swipe toggle to confirm redemption.

Once confirmed, they can no longer use this promo.

Review the confirmation screen to prevent fraud:

  • Look for the animated checkmark.
  • Confirm timestamp and promo details are accurate.
For redemption, you do not need to do a thing besides validating the promo and reviewing the confirmation and redemption screens on the consumers’ phones.

If you would like to have more control, learn the alternative here.
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