Buy Now Promos Bring More Money into Your Business

Once the consumer is interested, an attractive Buy Now promo is the best way to convert their buying impulse into new revenue. And, with Hownd, you get paid quickly for the purchase, not when - or if - they visit later!

Make the Sale, Get Paid Quickly

While coupons are a great way to build your customer list, claiming one does not yet represent a strong commitment from the consumer (about 1 in 5 claimed coupons lead to an actual visit). 

Want more impact?
Buy Now promos are the BEST way to get convert a casual consumer’s buying impulse into more immediate revenue and additional foot traffic for your business.

Merchants with active Buy Now promos
generate $2,000+ in extra revenue each month

So how does it work?

It's Pretty Simple, Really

Offer Attractive Buy Now Promos
Coupons are good… but make the savings a little extra with a Buy Now in order to get consumers to put their money on the line and commit to your business.

Regular Incentives – Convert Interest into Commitment
Combined with a Website Popup, an attractive Buy Now offer is a great way to convert nearby consumers into paying customers.

Limited Time Offers – Flash Sales
Want to juice things up?  Offer a really special deal for a LIMITED TIME (a day or a weekend, for example) Share this special deal via Automated Email Campaigns and Website Popups and see the money start flying into your bank account!

The Math is Simple:
Make More Money with Hownd

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We really can’t think of any reason to NOT run Buy Now promos.

    Buy Nows Promos:

    • Convert nearby consumers into actual paying customers
    • Provide you with immediate revenue
    • Because Hownd merchants get to keep the money from unused gift cards, it’s like getting FREE MONEY!

    We recommend getting your Buy Now promos in front of as many consumers as possible via multiple channels, including:

    If you have a special Buy Now that you only want to offer to a select group of customers (i.e. a Members-Only offer), we can keep the deal private and send an email campaign to just the targeted set of customers.

    It varies by industry, but between 10% and 20% of total Buy Now purchases end up unused*.

    Because Hownd pays merchants immediately after the consumer buys, Hownd merchants benefit from these no-shows.  It’s just like getting FREE MONEY!

    In fact, Hownd merchants get more than a million dollars of “free money” each year!

    *our numbers are based upon years of measurements across hundreds of thousands of purchases!

    There are two main ways merchants can get paid for their Buy Now campaigns.

    1. Merchant Stripe Account – As part of your account setup, you can create your own merchant account with Stripe, a third-party payment processor.  This  account is linked to both your bank account and your Hownd account.  Then, when you make a sale, the money flows directly into your Stripe account and then into your bank account (minus the Transaction Fee).
    2. Pass-Through Account – In this case, your purchases go through a Hownd Stripe account.  We just need your bank’s ACH info and then Hownd will send  payments to your bank account (minus the Transaction Fee).

    See our Pricing page for all the details

    To summarize:
    There is an  8% Transaction Fee on Buy Nows, which also includes the cost of credit card processing.  This means you receive 92% of the promo purchase price.  

    For example, if you sell a gift card to a consumer for $100, you will receive $92 in your bank account a few days later.  It’s that simple.

    We think the immediate payout on purchases is a big deal for local merchants.  Instead of money ending up in the bank account of Big Tech companies, it goes directly to support local merchants.

    To learn more about how our platform helps local merchants, please read this blog post:  “Top 8 Ways Hownd is Better than Groupon for Local Merchants”


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