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What is Hownd?

We're The Experience Promotion Platform™

Hownd is an automated platform for experience-economy businesses to distribute promotions, convert online traffic into foot traffic, and collect data to draw in new and repeat visitors with less time and effort.

How do we do it?

Tell Hownd what you want to offer!

Got great promotions to distribute to your consumers, old and new? Tell us a little about your offers, and Hownd creates unique landing pages that convert “lookers” to “buyers” to “visitors” with just a few clicks.

Here's How the Magic Happens

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Seems too good to be true.

But it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Hownd provides proven value for experience-based businesses.

If you have any doubts, one of our representatives can reach out to dive deeper and discover how we can help your business while answering any questions you might have!

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. Hownd can help you build a customer list with our WiFi, Coupon, and Date Collectors.

Adding these valuable promos is a great way for businesses to gain customer data with limited effort.

Through Hownd WiFi, you provide guests with free WiFi in exchange for their contact details. Seamlessly combining WiFi access points with a landing page and date collector gathers customer information and automatically transfers it into Hownd for immediate and ongoing follow-up. By supplementing Hownd with WiFi and Date Collectors, merchants create the ideal solution for automatically driving repeat visits. Contact us to learn more about WiFi for Hownd.

If you’re an experience-based business focusing in Fun (amusements & attractions), Yum (casual & fine dining restaurants), or Zen (health & beauty), Hownd is made just for you and has shown great success for these industries. (We also fit quite well in some other categories, such as car detailing.)

If you’re not sure, please reach out to us and we can review your business to see how Hownd can work for you.

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