MyHownd Provides Easy Redemption and More Visibility for your Promos

With 250,000+ active users, the MyHownd mobile app makes it easy to redeem promos and offers another great way for nearby consumers to find your promos.

Easy Promo Redemption and More Visiblity: What's not to like?

It’s important to redeem all of your promos to prevent their reuse and to provide valuable reporting about the effectiveness of your offers.  

However, the redemption process can be cumbersome, requiring your front desk team to look up and redeem promos (though the Promo Redemption Portal is built to keep your line moving)

The MyHownd mobile app makes it even easier by enablinig your customers to self-redeem their own promos on their own devices.  All your team has to do is verify that the promo is redeemed. 

Beyond that, the MyHownd mobile app is another way for nearby consumers to find your promos.   Now with more than 250,000 active users, chances are there are nearby MyHownd users that could soon become your new customers.  

Promo distribution on MyHownd is INCLUDED at no extra cost

So how does it work?

It's all in the app

It’s easy for consumers to find their promo in their MyHownd wallet and then redeem it right in front of your check-in desk.  No need for your team to do anything other than to confirm the redemption!

Promo Distribution:
Each month, thousands of consumers use the MyHownd mobile app to redeem their promos.  As they open the app, they can also see other nearby promos from merchants just like YOU.  It’s another way we’re helping you reach new nearby consumers.

Get Moving with Hownd

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! As you create your Offerings and Promos, you can specify whether they should be publicly distributed.  Any promos marked for public distribution – including Coupons, Buy Nows, and Data Collectors – will automatically appear in front of nearby consumers in the MyHownd mobile app.

    The MyHownd mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Android.  It can be downloaded from their respective app stores:

    Yes.  While MyHownd provides a quick and easy way for consumers to self-redeem their promos, some consumers may not want to download an app to redeem your promos. 

    For those cases, the Promo Redemption Portal is a great way for merchants to quickly and easilly redeem promos to keep the line moving.


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