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It might seem like magic, but it's just a risk-free way to promote your offers and drive Effortless Foot Traffic® through your doors.
Hownd frees you up to do what you love
How It Works - Hownd Effortless Foot Traffic
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Harness the Power of Hownd

Sign up and complete our Quickstart setup:

Sign up for Hownd and create your first offer. For example, 20% off a one hour massage, 30% off a large pizza, or 25% off a game of laser tag. You get to set the discount threshold which allows you to guarantee profitability on your offers. Hownd will automatically create and distribute promos based on your offer.

Got a customer list lying around that you just don’t know what to do with. Or maybe you don’t have the time to do something with it. Shake the dust off that thing and upload it to Hownd and start generating repeat foot traffic. Your customers don’t want to be constantly contacted, they want meaningful content. Hownd will send curated promos to your customers based off your offerings and they’re interaction with your business. Consumers get value and convenience. You get more foot traffic!

Turn your website traffic into revenue and foot traffic. Integrate Hownd with your website through a simple line of code. Once integrated, the Hownd plugin will automatically display promos on your website through a clean and effortless pop up. Entice your viewers with a one-click, Buy Now offer they can purchase immediately and redeem in person at your business.

Not using the full benefits of Hownd is like a Delorean without a flux capacitor. It’ll move but it won’t get you to the future you want. Hownd is most effective when used in full force. Sign up today and harness the power of Hownd.

Hownd Does the Work For You

Sometimes you find yourself working in your business not on it. Hownd frees you up to spend more time doing what you love and less time stuck in the day to day tasks of foot traffic generation. We automate that process by taking your offerings and generating targeted promotions to consumers through multiple channels.

Only Pay If It Works

That’s right. No monthly subscription fees and no upfront costs. We call it Results-Delivered Pricing™. This means that you don’t pay a dime until we bring a customer in your doors ready to claim a promotion, or better yet, a customer who already purchased one.

We believe that you shouldn’t be paying for effort if it doesn’t produce results. Results-Delivered Pricing means that when we deliver a customer to your door who has claimed or purchased a promo through Hownd, you only pay a small predetermined flat rate. Our Results-Delivered Pricing varies according to the industry and products/services you offer. Provide just a little info about your business in the signup process and we will provide pricing before you enter any credit card information.

Because you get to set the discount threshold on your offerings and you know your flat rate Results-Delivered Pricing with Hownd, you can guarantee profitable results. No guess work, just results that you can rely on.

With no subscription fee and no upfront cost, we basically are a free trial!

. . . and did we mention that you only pay if it works? We understand that you might want to see behind the curtains and take a test drive before making a decision. Request a demo and we’ll reach out to give you a tour and answer any questions you might have!

WiFi Marketing & Data Collection

Hownd provides you with preconfigured MyHownd WiFi access points.

Access points are easy to install and run in tandem with current internet provider. These access points create a separate guest WiFi network that provides more security for your business network and a more curated WiFi experience for your guests.

If you have already invested heavily in multiple access points we can work with your existing hardware and still provide the same great features.

No change in hardware is needed for current PoweredLocal merchants.

Customers connect to your guest WiFi using their email address or facebook login.

Not only do you get to know who’s using your WiFi. You get to curate their experience, offer meaningful and targeted promotions, and you receive useful anonymous data that lets you find and market to other audiences just like them.

Curate and manage your guest's WiFi experience.

When a customer logs in you can direct them to a special Hownd promo, a menu, a welcome video, or some other content you choose.

Manage access and throttle WiFi bandwidth based on customers interactions or store hours. Great for restaurants who want to turn tables during peak hours and discourage guests from hanging out and streaming videos.

Now, what to do with that data?

The data collected can help you target your marketing efforts to mimic the demographics of your current customers. Especially useful in Facebook advertising where the cost for targeted audiences is less expensive than non-targeted audiences.

MyHownd WiFi can also integrate easily with Hubspot and other CRM tools. 

With a Hownd account, you can send specific bounce back promos automatically to WiFi users a few days after their first visit and entice them to become a repeat customer. You can also let repeat customers know about new promotions you have available.

Get even more customers with the Hownd distribution network.

Turn your PoweredLocal account into a Hownd account to access additional promotion distribution opportunities including:

Sounds too good to be true.

Rest assured, it's both good AND true! Request a demo and see for yourself.