Keep Customers Coming Back with Automated Email Campaigns

Automated email marketing campaigns help keep your customer base engaged and buy now campaigns can generate immediate revenue.

You Built Your Customer List: Now it's time to Monetize it!

Your customer list is one of your company’s most important assets: It takes time and patience to build and has important details about the people who keep your business running. However, it’s most valuable if you do something with it! 

The Hownd platform is optimized for your email marketing efforts – each month we send tens of millions of emails and see millions of open and click-through interactions by consumers.  

We are also 100% compliant with all consumer privacy rules and regulations in all the regions we serve, including CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR. 

Unlimited Email Marketing is INCLUDED at no extra cost

So how does it work?

It's Pretty Simple, Really

First, you need a list.  If you already have one, you can simply upload it to your account and we take it from there.

And, even better, add Guest WiFi and Website Popups to keep your customer list growing and fresh.

Then, as you create your Offerings and campaigns, you can specify distribution by email.   You can also schedule the campaign start and finish times so that you and your team are ready for all the extra foot traffic generated from your promos.

Monetize Your Customer List

Leverage your company’s most valuable asset with a world-class promo email marketing platform    

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes!  Hownd has multiple solutions that can help you build your customer list, including:


    Each of these solutions can help you build the customer list your business needs to keep your customers engaged and make your promos even more effective.

    Ensuring that emailed promos arrive in consumer inboxes – not lost in Junk mail  – is a constant and ongoing effort. 

    The most important thing for successful email campaigns is to provide consumers with promos that are both relevant and timely.  

    In addition, we here at Hownd are constantly improving and evolving our email delivery algorithms so that your emails end up in front of customers, where they belong. 

    Across millions of emails sent each day, our delivery rate is consistently above 95%, meaning your promos are seen by more of your targeted consumers.

    For more information, please see this blog post:
    “Sending Domain Change Boosts Key Deliverability Metrics”

    On average, the Hownd platform sends over 20 million emails a month (that’s 700 thousand a day!).

    However, that number spread across more than 30 million active consumers, so the average consumer only receives a few emails a month.

    Usually, yes – you can specify the start and end dates of your email campaigns.  You can also specify that a promo campaign should only be sent to a specific customer list.

    However, the system also incorporates some best-practice rules, such as not allowing too many emails to be sent too quickly to a particular recipient (which can lead to complaints and unsubscribes).

    It’s all about creating the most EFFECTIVE email marketing campaign, not just the most frequent.

    While newsletter campaigns (FetchRev only) can be a valuable way to keep in touch with your customer base, we prefer promo campaigns with a CLEAR call-to-action – either “Buy Now” or “Claim a Coupon”.

    When you keep it clear and simple, consumers tend to know what to do and, with the right promos, take the action you want them to take to engage with your business.


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