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Sending Domain Change Boosts Key Deliverability Metrics

“Don’t Fix What isn’t Broken”

..But what if something is “good” but not “great”???

That’s what we recently pondered here at Hownd as we reviewed the statistics of the primary domain we use to send promotional emails to consumers.

While the locboxlabs domain had solid results over the past 10+ years, we want to deliver “great” email performance for our merchants!

Unfortunately, getting to “great” email deliverability numbers was simply not happening with an old domain with such a long history.

Fun Fact:
Hownd sends 20+ million emails a month
(700,000+ per day)
to consumers on behalf of our local merchants!

To move things forward, we reviewed three key email deliverability metrics:

  1. Delivered – The Ideal – These are emails delivered directly to the consumer’s email inbox (not spam folder)
  2. Suppressed – These are emails delivered to the consumer’s junk mail folder
  3. Dropped – These are emails not delivered to the consumer’s email account


For the locboxlabs domain, we had maxed out at about a 90% Delivered rate, with about 9% Suppressed (to spam) and the remaining fraction Dropped.

We knew we could do better!

In late May 2022, we switched from “locboxlabs” to a “fromhownd” email sending domain for all outbound emails to consumers.

As with any change of this nature, we initially saw some temporary degradation in key statistics, specifically, the “Dropped” number went up as we introduced the new domain and email platforms needed a little time to get to know it before letting email through.

Now, a month later, we are pleased to announce that email deliverability statistics for the “fromhownd” domain have improved and are now significantly BETTER than they previously were with locboxlabs:
  • 96% of emails are delivered directly to inboxes (up from 90%)
  • Only 3% are going to the spam folder (down from 9%)

Going Forward
As consumers interact with the valuable promo emails from our merchants and mark emails as “Not Spam” or “Not Junk”, we anticipate these email metrics to get even better.

Google Gmail Inbox
Microsoft Outlook Inbox

Note: Some consumers may have previously built special rules around handling promo emails from their favorite merchants and these special rules will need to be recreated for the new fromhownd domain.

However, given the overall deliverability improvement, we expect any disruption to soon be mitigated and overwhelmed by the better overall results.

Thank you for your patience as we work to make things Great for you!

Hownd is here to help!

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Support team for help getting started running effective email campaigns for your promos:

We would be happy to talk to you about uploading your existing customer list and strategies for building it out even more, along with all the other ways we can help you build better relationships with your nearby consumers.

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