The Hownd Website Popup Converts Casual Browsers into Real Customers

Web surfers come and go - Get your promos in front of them the moment they are interested to convert them into paying customers

You got them to your website: Now get them through your door.

The Hownd Website Popup entices website visitors to engage by sharing their information and making impulse purchases. 

It is easy to install and always shows current promos, helping generate revenue and build your customer list.

Merchants with the Website Popup enjoy 11x better results each month

So how does it work?

Glad You Asked:

The Hownd Website Popup can be added by inserting a single line of HTML code into your website.  Once your unique code snippet is installed, you can select which promos will automatically appear on your popup.  

Instructions are available here
(and we would be happy to help)

Monetize Your Web Traffic

It’s great to have website visitors, but what good are they if they just pass by?   

Convert browsers into buyers with the Hownd Website Popup.  Reach out to us for help getting more actual customers through the door.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Hownd Website Popup is a great way to capture and convert website browsers into buyers. 

    On average, merchants that install our Website Popup can expect 11x better results than those that don’t.

    That’s a big deal and a great reason to leverage the popups on your website.

    We typically see conversion rates of around 10% – meaning one in 10 visitors will take action with your popup.

    HOWEVER, it all depends on:

    • The volume of website traffic – More is better
    • The quality of promos  on your popup – The better the promo, the more likely it will be to trigger the impulsive urge of visitors to grab that deal!

    Easy instructions for adding the website popup are available in the Hownd Knowledgebase.  If you share this with your web designer, they should be able to insert the snippet without problems.

    If you or your website designer need help, we would be happy to assist.  Just contact us.

    No.  Once the popup code snippet is installed, no ongoing changes are needed. The popup will automatically show your current promos.  (And, if you have no active promos, the popup will be hidden.)

    Yes!  Your home page is the best place place for a website popup. 

    However, you could also have different popups running different promos on other pages.

    For example, the  “Birthday Party” page of your website could have a popup that only shows a Birthday Data Collector and other Birthday-focused promos.