Hownd's Pricing is Simple

We deliver value. That makes both sense and cents for everyone!

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for unlimited campaigns including buy nows, coupons, date collectors, birthday drips, and more!

Our 8% transaction fee is one of the lowest in the industry and covers the credit card processing fees!
With Hownd, you also keep the money from any purchased, but unclaimed promos:
It’s your money, after all. Some of our competitors don’t seem to get that.

At Hownd, we believe in being straightforward,
and we won't box you in with contracts!

We know the value our service will bring to your business!

Ready to find out what Hownd can do for you?

Results Customers Coffee Drinkers Thrill Seekers Foodies Shoppers Beards Revenue Delivered

We make it easy.

Hownd starts creating value for your business

Share promos, get customers, and make money!

Turn online promotions into real-world results.

What if it doesn't work for me?

There are no contracts so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Hownd works best for industries focused on Fun (Attractions and Family Entertainment Centers), Yum (Restaurants), and Zen (Health & Beauty), but we also work great for dog groomers, auto detailers, and more. 

If your business needs to promote great experiences, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain from giving Hownd a try. Our team will partner with you to see if you’re a great fit and you’ll never need to feel trapped. We’re all about good vibes and good times here. Let’s get your promos out there!

So when do you hit me with the hidden fees?

Never, ever, ever!

Our fees are straightforward and based upon your business receiving value, such as adding to your customer list, getting guests through your door, booking new birthday parties, and providing free guest WiFi.  


We Deliver Revenue and Customers to Your Business

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    Let us know where your business is located to get the best available offer. If your business qualifies, you may be able to get Hownd and/or other benefits at a reduced cost through one of our partnerships.

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