Birthday Drip Campaigns Bring in the (Profitable) Parties

For many merchants offering fun experiences, children's birthday parties are a great source of revenue. With automated birthday drip email campaigns, you can leverage your customer list to keep the parties coming!

Who doesn't like a Birthday Party? Bring them in with Birthday Drip Campaigns!

For many experiential merchants, birthday parties play an important role in the overall profitability of the business.  Offering fun times on a little one’s special day is not just good business, hosting them can also be one of the most fulfilling parts of having a business.   

How do you keep the party going?
Hopefully, you’ve been collecting kids’ birthdays in your customer list (if not, a “Birthday Club” data collector on a Website Popup can help!).   

Once you have a list of birthdays, you can then create a special birthday party offer that will be automatically sent to the parent 45, 30, and 15 days before the special day.  Once the offer is claimed, the email campaign will stop for that person.  If it goes unclaimed, you can also add in a special “Last Chance” Buy Now promo.

Each Kid's Birthday you collect is worth $5 in extra annual revenue.

So how does it work?

It's All About the Special Days

First, you need a customer list with kids’ birthdays.  If you already have one, you can simply upload it to your account and we will take it from there.

Even better, we recommend also adding a special “Birthday Club” data collector to a Website Popup to keep your customer list growing and fresh.

Then, simply create a Birthday Drip offering:  Define the special party deal and whether to include a “Last Chance” Buy Now promo.  We’ll get the campaign started and the parties will start coming to you!

Let's Get this Party Started

Birthday parties are an important part of your business.  Automated birthday drip campaigns can be a great way to keep your business top-of-mind when the special day is approaching. 

We would be happy to get things going for you!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes!  Hownd has multiple solutions that can help you build your customer list, including:


    Each of these solutions can help you build the customer list your business needs to keep your customers engaged and make your promos even more effective.

    Yes!  Our first order of business would be to create a “Join our Birthday Club” data collector and adding it to your Website Popup

    In this way, you can immediately start collecting the valuable dates that will make your Birthday Drip campaign effective.

    Yes, the typical timing is 45, 30, and 15 days before the special day.

    However, those timings can be customized based upon whatever works best for you and your business (some merchants go with 60, 50, and then 10 days, for example)

    A last chance offer is an optional Buy Now promo that can be included as part of your birthday drip campaign.

    If the consumer hasn’t claimed the promo in the main birthday drip campaign, the “last chance” offer is meant to entice an impulse purchase that keeps them engaged, even if they didn’t decide to have a full birthday party.


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