Bring New Customers Through Your Door with the Promo Discovery Portal

We leverage millions of impressions each month to help nearby consumers looking for experiences connect with YOUR business!

Finally! A Network Effect Created to Help Local Merchants

Each month, the Hownd platform records millions of impressions as consumers open emails, claim promos, and interact with our websites. 

We are now leveraging all of that activity to connect nearby consumers with businesses (like yours!) offering special deals on local experiences.

Distribution on the Promo Discovery Portal is INCLUDED at no extra cost

So how does it work?

It's Pretty Simple, Really

As you create your Offerings and Promos, you can specify whether they should be publicly distributed.  Any promos marked for public distribution – including Coupons, Buy Nows, and Data Collectors – will automatically appear in the Promo Discovery Portal.

When consumers visit the Promo Discovery Portal, they enter their zip code and automatically see your promos.

Here’s an example for our zip code – 85284

Reach New Customers

Sending emails to existing customers is good, but reaching new ones is even better    

Connect with nearby customers looking for new experiences.  Reach out to us for help getting more new customers through the door.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The recent blog article:
    New Promo Discovery Portal Helps Consumers Find Local Experiences
    has lots of details and screenshots to help you learn more.

    Or, see for yourself by visitng to see links to cities around the United States!

    While the Promo Discovery Portal will get your promos in front of nearby consumers, the best practice is to combine it with other active distribution channels, including:

    Yes, that’s perfectly fine!

    The Promo Discovery Portal will ONLY display your promos that are meant for public distribution.  

    Private offers will not be shown on the discovery portal and will only be shared via the selected private channels (email, private landing page, etc.)

    Yes, the Promo Discovery Portal will show all of your public promos, including:

    Deals that require the customer to do something first – i.e. a “bounce back” promo after a visit – are not publicly available and will not be shown. 

    Yes, Kids Skate Free (KSF) sign up pages are public data collectors, so they will also be shown in the Promo Discovery Portal. 

    This is another way we are helping your skating center reach new customers!


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