New Promo Discovery Portal Helps Consumers Find Local Experiences

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We are leveraging millions of impressions each month to help consumers find YOUR promos!

Since 2016, Hownd has helped you, our merchants, grow your customer lists and then bring more revenue into your business.

We are now taking a big step forward to bring you more NEW customers.

We are pleased to launch the new Promo Discovery Portal. Now, nearby consumers can easily find your promos online to help you expand your active customer base even faster.

  • For Consumers – It’s as simple as entering a zip code to find new local experiences.
  • For Merchants – All of your publicly-distributed active promos will be included in the Promo Discovery Portal.  Coupons, buy nows, and even data collectors (new!) will be published and shared with even more nearby consumers searching for great deals!

How will consumers find the Promo Discovery Portal?

  • Outbound emails – Each month, millions of consumers open millions of emails sent by the Hownd platform.  We will be adding a special invitation at the bottom of each consumer email inviting consumers to find your experiences! 
  • Promo Claim Confirmation Pages – Each month, tens of thousands of promos are claimed by consumers. On each claim confirmation page, consumers will be invited to find even more nearby promos.
  • MyHownd Website  – The website will soon be optimized to include the Promo Discovery Portal, helping consumers find and engage with all of their nearby merchants.

How does the Promo Discovery Portal Work?

Just visit and enter a zip code! 


Choose your experience

  • Fun – Browse all kinds of amusements & attractions, including museums, aquariums, arcades, escape rooms, skating, bowling, and much more.
  • Yum – Enjoy casual & fine dining restaurants such as ice cream shops, concessions, bars, breweries, and more.
  • Zen – Experience health & beauty services, including massage studios, day spas, med spas, nail & hair salons, gyms, etc.
  • Other – Take advantage of deals from other nearby merchants, including car care.

Too much to choose from?
Use the distance filter to narrow your focus.

When to Search for Local Deals

  • Want new experiences for you and your family?
    Just search in your area!
  • Need a special gift for someone who lives somewhere else? 
    Enter their zip code to find great offers and send them the gift of a great local experience.
  • Going on a trip? 
    Search for promos at your destination so the fun will be ready to go when you arrive!
Hownd Helps Local Merchants!

Unlike email-sending platforms, online group-buying directories, and basic web shopping carts, Hownd uses these tactics and more to actively help local merchants reach nearby consumers. 

This keeps our merchants top-of-mind with their existing customers AND helps you reach new consumers looking for great experiences!

The Hownd Promo Distribution Network Includes:

  • Automated Email Campaigns – Drive activity at your business by leveraging your existing customer lists to automatically send emails with new promos, expiration reminders, and more! 
  • Birthday and Anniversary Drip Campaigns – Book more birthday parties by automatically sending emails directly to parents as their child’s special day approaches.
  • Website Popups – Turn casual website visitors into active consumers!
    Merchants who use Website Popups see as much as 2x more revenue!
  • Social Media – Leverage your existing social media presence to engage followers with exciting promos and increase their repeat business. Hownd integrates directly with Facebook to make it easy to distribute promos socially!
  • Promo Discovery Portal – Get extra visibility for your promos on targeted MyHownd deal pages as consumers look for savings.
  • Guest WiFi – Turn your guest WiFi service into valuable consumer data collection!
  • MyHownd Mobile App – Consumers can easily discover, claim, and redeem promos in one handy, optimized app. On Google Play & Apple App Stores. 

Existing Merchants: Reach New Customers!

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Support team for help leveraging the Hownd platform for your business needs:

Make sure your latest promos are included in the new Promo Discovery Portal so that you can keep growing your business while building new and better relationships with nearby consumers.

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