Turn Free Guest WiFi Into a Revenue Booster for Your Business!

MyHownd WiFi helps you collect emails and other data so you can better connect with your customers. Send automated bounce back promos delivered days after a customer's first visit, enticing them to return.

More Data. More Customers. More Revenue.

MyHownd WiFi helps you provide a free WiFi connection and enticing offers to your customers while also providing a secure guest network.

So how does it work?

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When a customer connects to your WiFi, they’ll be prompted to provide their email to gain access. Or they can connect with Facebook. This helps you know who is using your WiFi and allows you to grow your marketing database! A few days after a customer’s first visit to your establishment, Hownd will automatically send them a bounce back offer that you create to entice them to return. 


Keep Them Coming Back!

It’s great to have visitors today, but what about tomorrow, next week, and next month? 

Connect with your customers and send automated bounceback promotions after they visit to generate the repeat foot traffic your business needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There’s both art and science involved in determining the number of access points required for a given area. The idea is to have most visitors with 30 to 60 feet of an access point. This equates to one access point every 3,000 to 11,000 square feet. The right quantity depends on the number of walls, electronic interference, etc. In general, it is best to over-compensate. Here are two use cases:

    1. Double-story venue – Put at least one on each floor a typical fast-food outlet would be one per floor.
    2. Amusement / Video-Game Parlour – Put one in each major zone – there are generally more wireless transmissions and electrical interference so we would increase the density.

    It’s up to you: You can always start and then add more if needed…

    See this sample WiFi login screen (this will be customized to include your company’s name in the “Provided by” section)

    It depends on visitor traffic at your location.  Some early MyHownd WiFi customers have collected more than 30 customer emails a day at each location. It’s always best to let your visitors know that free WiFi is available!

    You can order MyHownd WiFi by following the Hownd Merchant Portal link to Settings -> Subscription Plan.  Or, just fill out this survey and we’ll reach out to get you started: https://hownd.io/WiFiSurvey

    If you’re not a Hownd merchant yet, just fill out the form above and we’ll reach out with more info.

    MyHownd WiFi is provided by our partner, PoweredLocal.  Please visit their documentation website for more information about all things WiFi: https://whatthe.fi/