Keep Lines Moving with the Promo Redemption Portal

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Consumer Promo Redemption
Take Control of Consumer Promo Redemptions

The MyHownd mobile app makes it easy for consumers to self-redeem their promos at your location.  They simply open the app, show the promo, and then mark it as redeemed, all on their own phone.

But what if the person standing in front of you doesn’t have the MyHownd app?  Can you still redeem their promo?  Yes!

Long before MyHownd was even launched, the Promo Redemption Portal was the way for merchants to search for and redeem consumer promos.

The Promo Redemption Portal is a web page that can be opened on a computer, tablet or phone near your front desk or customer service counter.  It is simple to use and provides a convenient way for employees to search for and redeem consumer promos.

Fun Fact:
We handle more than 25,000 promo redemptions each month, including Buy Nows, Coupons, and Kids Skate Free passes.

Keep things moving with the Promo Redemption Portal

Step 1) Log in and then click the Redeem Promos button
( “Redeem Vouchers” in FetchRev)

Hint:  Bookmark Your Redemption Portal Page 

  • Right-click on the redemption button and select the “Copy Link Address” option. This will save the direct link to your own redemption portal and will have a format similar to:
  • Save this URL link as a browser bookmark to make it quick and easy to return and redeem promos!

Step 2) Search for the Promo

Once in the Promo Redemption Portal, you can search on the consumer’s Name (first and/or last), Confirmation Number, Email, or Phone Number.  Partial entries usually work too! 

Step 3) Select the Promo and Perform the Action

  • Redeem – Mark the promo as redeemed once the service is delivered
  • Unredeem – In case a promo was incorrectly redeemed


Promos with the orange icon on the left are coupons.

Promos with the green icon are purchases (buy nows).

Each promo has important information, including price paid, date of purchase, confirmation number, and redeemed date (if applicable).

Kids Skate Free passes also have the child’s reported age to help ensure the integrity of the program:  Is it really an 8-year-old in front of you?


Keep the line moving!  

When a consumer needs help redeeming a promo, the Promo Redemption Portal is the place where you can quickly and easily find and redeem promos.

Hint: Attach a barcode scanner to your computer for an even faster redemptions!

Hownd is here to help!

Merchants: We want to help you!

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Support team for help leveraging the Hownd platform for your business needs: 

We would be happy to help you keep everything moving forward.

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