Inspiration Calendar, March 2023

Need help coming up with promo ideas?We’ve made a list of events for March 2023 to inspire your next offer! Some big days this month include: March Madness March 14 through April 3, 2023 Everyone’s grabbing their brackets and getting ready for the games. Get your promos in to jump in with the celebrations! St. […]

5 Dad-Approved Marketing Best Practices for Father’s Day

Make Dad’s Day. From showing us how to shave to taking us for our first spin around the block, a dad always comes through to show us how to do things right. On Father’s Day, business owners everywhere all set a common goal—to make sure their business marketing efforts follow suit by adding a little […]

4 Resources for Reopening Your Business After the COVID-19 Shutdown

Retail business COVID-19 reopening

Depending on where you operate your business, at this very moment, you may find yourself reopening your doors under specific safety guidelines like the retail and restaurant merchants of Texas, preparing for the next phase of meaningful modifications and the return of low-risk businesses as they are in California, or still in a state of […]

3 Ways Local Businesses Can Increase Gift Card Sales

Gift card sale

Everybody loves a gift card. For the recipient, it’s something special to swipe or scan for a celebratory experience. For the buyer, it’s a convenient gift-giving option that doesn’t entail driving all over town or purchasing a costly product destined to be returned or exchanged. For the merchant, it’s an invaluable opportunity to generate revenue […]

Easy Does It: Hownd Delivers More Customers With Less Effort

More customers with less effort

Universally speaking, owning and operating a local business will always be a labor of love. That’s a given. But when you consider the lifeblood of your business — namely the customers — attracting new and returning visitors on a sustainable level doesn’t have to come at the expense of stretching yourself thin. Fortunately, more customers […]

FetchRev Announces New Name, Logo and Capabilities for Merchants and Consumers

FetchRev, an automated marketing platform that generates foot traffic for local businesses by delivering targeted promotions to consumers, has announced a new brand name, logo, and imminent launch of an entirely new platform with capabilities for merchants and their existing and future customers. FetchRev will become Hownd™ when it officially sunsets its brand later this […]

To Redeem or Not to Redeem. That is the Question.

We know that employee time is precious. Every day brings its own difficulties for your team and we know it can be hard to minimize distractions. Even simple tasks like marking used coupons as redeemed in your FetchRev dashboard can be difficult, and we get that! However, if you would humor me, I want to […]

The Common Denominator of Successful Marketing

The only constant in marketing is change. Looking back over my career I recall many milestones and trends/fads. There was the newsletter craze of the mid-2000’s to stay in “constant contact” with your customers. It came in hot as small business owners discovered a new way to keep their message in front of ideal customers […]