4 Resources for Reopening Your Business After the COVID-19 Shutdown

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Disclaimer: The content below was published in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and is available to read as archive only. The information contained may no longer be current and may not reflect the existing standards for the Hownd platform. 

Please reach out to support@hownd.com for the latest details if you have any questions.

Depending on where you operate your business, at this very moment, you may find yourself reopening your doors under specific safety guidelines like the retail and restaurant merchants of Texas, preparing for the next phase of meaningful modifications and the return of low-risk businesses as they are in California, or still in a state of shelter-in-place extensions such as in Oregon.

No matter where you may fall on the map, it remains clear that the road back will be paved with equal parts patience, perseverance and a responsibility to adhere to the measures made to keep our communities safe both during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. For small businesses, while the clear opportunity to reopen in the present or near future may be music to their ears, understanding federal safety guidelines and utilizing the right resources has never been more important.

Here are four helpful resources for reopening your business after the COVID-19 shutdown today.

1. Check With Your Local Economic Recovery Programs

While many local business owners are fully aware of the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan program, even more assistance can be found at the state and local levels, such as economic development groups and community development financial institutions.

Additionally, The Chamber of Commerce recently launched the Save Small Business Fund, which provides up to $5,000 for businesses that employ between three and 30 people, are located in a “vulnerable area,” and have been impacted by COVID-19.

2. Review and Implement the CDC/EPA Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines

It’s a certainty that your state and local decision-makers will have a safety structure in place that’ll need to be met, regulated, and revised upon and after reopening businesses, but familiarizing yourself with the
CDC/EPA guidelines should be the first place you start. After a long shutdown, your customers will need to know that you’re taking the necessary states to ensure their safety from day one. Be sure to stay on top of things, prepare ahead of time, and expect a hearty amount of questions from your customers.

3. Tune in and Take Notes by Watching an On-Demand or Live Webinar

Over the last two months, we’ve all become well acquainted with reaching out to personal and professional contacts via Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, and even the odd FaceTime call. At Hownd, we’ve leveraged the accessibility to connect seamlessly by teaming up with a variety of trusted partners to host online webinars focused on generating revenue now through Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers and other insights to help you and your employees prepare for your grand reopening.

To date, we’ve collaborated with the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The City of Tempe, and industry leaders such as Redemption Plus to provide free webinars on a consistent basis. These and future installments are available to watch at your convenience by registering to watch the webinar of your choice.

Raise the Sails with Hownd

4. Raise the Sails with Hownd

For local businesses, we made a stand to Brave the Storm together, generating over $1 million in immediate revenue for owners and operators during a time where they needed it the most. Now we’re shaking things up and pivoting to provide the support needed to assist in the reopening and economic recovery of local businesses by bringing back more customers. We believe that the moment to move forward with the sails raised high is right now  —  and we don’t want you to miss it.

Discover more and learn how you can get your first 15 customers free today.

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