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Universally speaking, owning and operating a local business will always be a labor of love. That’s a given. But when you consider the lifeblood of your business — namely the customers — attracting new and returning visitors on a sustainable level doesn’t have to come at the expense of stretching yourself thin. Fortunately, more customers with less effort is kind of our thing.

As an owner, you already have your hands full. From payroll to scheduling, you’re constantly on the clock and that doesn’t necessarily leave a lot of time for devoting late hours to understanding and implementing marketing tools and paid ad strategies that ultimately fail to bring enough customers through the doors while draining your advertising budget.

At Hownd, we strive to be the best friend your business has ever had. By effortlessly driving repeat and predictable foot traffic, we open the doors to more customers and more time for you to spend handling your business without falling behind.

Here’s how we deliver more customers with less effort

1. Hownds Effortlessly Collects and Monetize Customer Data Via WiFi

In the past, it may have been the status quo to voluntarily collect customer data from a variety of means ranging from point-of-sale transactions to contests. Oftentimes, they proved neither tremendously effective, nor efficient. Which left far too many customers leaving without providing an adequate way to be re-marketed to. Hownd puts a stop to that.

Through Hownd’s Wifi data collector points and landing page (available on the plus tier), customer details are seamlessly collected whenever a visitor requests access to your wireless network. Through this integrated solution, merchants provide guests with free Wi-Fi in exchange for their contact details which are then automatically transferred into Hownd for immediate and ongoing follow-up.

2. Hownd Turns Your Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

Granted, your brick-and-mortar opens and closes accordingly with your business hours. Your website however, is open for business 24/7. This is where you can let your website do all the work by utilizing a website plugin or “popup” through Hownd and delivering a compelling promotion that will generate revenue. Consumers will love the convenience and you’ll love the unmistakable sound of more customers coming through the doors.

3. You Set the Promo Limits, Hownd Handles the Rest

We don’t expect you to be an expert on all things marketing, nor should you have to be. With Hownd, you set a price limit on every promotion you want distributed, and that’s it. No further actions required. We’ll take care of the creation and send it to the right customers at the right time via through the MyHownd™ consumer mobile app, your website, email, social media, and WiFi.

By applying best practices to your targeted promotions, Hownd increases your profitable revenue and grows your customer list — and you never even have to break a sweat.

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