How Hownd is Generating Immediate Revenue for Small Businesses During the Economic Crisis

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No Time to Wait.

By now, you may consider yourself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of waiting. After all, as a direct result of the global health crisis, biding one’s time in the safety and comfort of your own home has become both the norm and the main course of action. But for so many FEC owners whose very livelihoods depend on the revenue generated by customers coming into their centers, waiting for the official word to reopen the doors while watching the cash flow become stagnant shouldn’t be the status quo, and we here at Hownd are proving why.

Since the onset of the temporary closures, we’ve moved quickly to support local businesses during their time of need through the creation of Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers. Promotions specifically crafted to allow consumers a chance to assist their local businesses by purchasing discounted promos over web, email, social channels, and the myhownd app that they can redeem upon reopening. By giving rise to community support from customers willing and able to help right now, Hownd has generated over $750,000 in immediate revenue for business owners.

In every corner and crevice of this country, we’re seeing the sights of boarded up brick and mortar businesses and “For Lease” signs on family favorites such as bowling alleys and amusement parks. For us, sitting and waiting is simply not an option. Showing our merchants that they don’t have to surrender to the stoppage, that they can survive today by driving the income necessary to sustain their businesses while their doors are closed isn’t just an idea, it’s a proven solution. One that our zero-risk foot traffic platform is perfectly designed for, since you’ll only pay us a small predetermined fee when the customers start to come in.

At Hownd, we’ve made the process to get started effortless on your part. Signing up and launching your first Support Vouchers takes just mere minutes. What can we say? We don’t like waiting long either.

While our country makes plans for a huge re-opening in the near future, we’d like to reaffirm that the time to prepare for your reopening is right now. Remember that until you can finally flip the switch and open the doors back up, the best strategy remains to control the controllable and stay fresh in the minds of your customers, give them something to look forward to soon — and generate the necessary income to keep the revenue flowing until it’s business as usual.

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