5 Dad-Approved Marketing Best Practices for Father’s Day

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Make Dad's Day.

From showing us how to shave to taking us for our first spin around the block, a dad always comes through to show us how to do things right. On Father’s Day, business owners everywhere all set a common goal—to make sure their business marketing efforts follow suit by adding a little bit of “pop” to their holiday marketing practices.

At Hownd, we make it easy to effortlessly earn your way to the hearts of dad’s everywhere by delivering your gifts digitally to the right customers at the right time. Here’s five ways you could help your business make the most of the manliest holiday of them all.

1. Create a Deal Just for Dads

Recognize customers or clients who are fathers with an exclusive gift, a card, or even a 2-for-1 family discount to enjoy your services alone—or with their families.

2. Create a Main Event for the Main Man

If your business has reopened, consider hosting a special event for fathers at your location like a Dad’s Jump Free session at your family entertainment center. Make sure it’s family-friendly to drive traffic and customer interest.

3. Put Together a Packaged Deal

Not sure which product or services is a best fit for dear old dad? Try putting together a package of relevant gifts with a Father’s Day theme. Perfect for a day spa or a men’s salon, providing your customers with the choice to pick up a present that has it all. Kind of like dad himself.

4. Apply a Discount that Even Dad Would Love

Decide on a discount that you’re comfortable with as a local business owner but be sure it’s a savings of at least 20% off to avoid your customers skipping straight past your offer in favor of more appealing holiday deductions. Remember, they’ll likely be inundated with special offers as Father’s Day approaches so everything you can control is crucial to your success.

5. Timing is everything:

So maybe you didn’t inherit dad’s stellar sense of timing, but with a little bit of planning you can take your best shot at success by making sure your Father’s Day campaign launch in time for the big day (that means soon!) to create a sense of urgency for your customer to jump on a deal right then and there.

How do you describe your dad? Is he a pillar of strength? A wizard of wisdom? A walking, talking compendium of ill-timed dad jokes and questionable fashion choices?

No matter how you wish to describe the paternal figure in your life, a father is nothing short of the standard for what we consider a real man. Quite, simply he’s our hero and our life’s greatest champion. With that said, paying a proper tribute to the man who paved the way for our rites of passage can be a difficult task. But with the right approach, you can provide a path for Father’s Day success both for your customers—and your business.

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