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  • Spam: Sometimes emails end up in a customer’s spam folder. There are many reasons why this may happen (ranging from the below explanations, to issues with the customer’s email provider.) Ask customers to check their Spam folder, as sometimes emails from Hownd may end up there.
  • Unsubscribes: Often times, emails won’t send to your entire list because of the number of customers who have already unsubscribed from receiving your emails. Unsubscribing means that those customers have specifically opted out of receiving emails from your business. Our system doesn’t remove them from your database, but will mark them as “Inactive.”
  • Disengaged subscribers: We now filter out all disengaged subscribers from your list in order to ensure emails get to subscribers who are actively engaged with your business.
    1. Engaged subscribers: A subscriber who is less than 2 years old and/or has purchased or claimed ever, and/or has opened an email from your business within the last 2 years.
    2. Disengaged Subscribers: A subscriber who is over 2 years old who has never purchased or claimed anything and has never opened an email from your business within the last 2 years.
  • Smart Blasts: Our system will always do what it can to protect your business from being marked as spam or having consumers unsubscribe from your list. One way we do this is ensuring a consumer doesn’t get multiple emails within 24 hours. If you have a campaign that sent out a last chance email right before you tried to send a new campaign, our system will prevent this campaign from sending so that your customers don’t get overwhelmed.
    1. We suggest staggering your campaigns a few days apart in order to avoid this issue.
  • New List: Our system makes sure that all of the emails in your subscriber list are verified before sending to them – this helps keep your campaigns out of the spam folder. Any time you upload a new list, we need to verify all the new subscribers you’ve just added. You should wait to schedule a new campaign send for a day after a new list upload to ensure our system has verified the new customer emails.

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