What is MyHownd+ and Why Should Local Merchants Care?

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Making MyHownd stickier improves merchant results

MyHownd+ (MyHownd Plus) is the new paid consumer subscription service within MyHownd. It can be found in the new Memberships section and features more than 500,000 promos from thousands of merchants in the USA and Canada.

So, why is this good for Hownd merchants?
As we grow the overall user base of MyHownd (now more than 100,000+!), MyHownd is growing to become more and more of an effective distribution channel for promos from Hownd merchants. As more and more consumers make coupon claims and purchases within MyHownd, it’s clearly turning into a DISCOVERY app for consumers.

MyHownd+ gives all of these consumers a reason to more frequently open MyHownd to find great local deals. As consumers spend more time in MyHownd, there’s then more opportunity for them to come across your location’s promos.

So, what’s good for the consumer is good for you.

Want to learn more about MyHownd+?
Check it out in MyHownd – We offer a free 14-day trial so there’s no risk!

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