What is the Difference Between Buy Now, Coupon, Gift Card, Date, & Wifi Offerings?

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Buy Now Offerings (All Plans)

Buy Now Offerings are purchased by the customer instantly, which means the business owner realizes revenue immediately from that product or service. Even if the customer never comes in to redeem their purchase, the business owner still retains the revenue made from that sale.

Coupon Offerings (All Plans)

With Coupon Offerings, you get a higher volume of customers claiming your Promo compared to a Buy Now, but the percentage of customers actually redeeming your Promo from a coupon is much smaller. They haven’t paid for the product or service yet, so the likelihood of them coming in decreases.

Gift Card Offerings (All Plans)

Gift Card Offerings are used to give discounts for general use, in-store credit with a specified value. Fulfillment of physical Gift Cards are to be handled by the business, whereas discounts on said Gift Cards will be handled by Hownd through the use of Gift Card Promos.

Birthday/Anniversary Offerings (Essentials & Plus)

When consumer records include birthdays, child birthdays or anniversaries, the Hownd platform can deliver customized “drip” campaigns based on these key dates. These campaigns typically start with an introductory promo about a month before the date, continue with follow-up reminder emails, and finish with a last-minute Promo. By deploying this best-practice marketing technique, local merchants can quickly and easily increase foot traffic throughout the year. Best of all, everything is automated! 

WiFi Offering (Plus)

The Hownd WiFi Collector is a proven solution for businesses seeking to monetize customer visits. With this integrated solution, merchants provide guests with free WiFi in exchange for their contact details. It combines WiFi access point hardware with a customizable landing page that captures customer data and automatically transfers it into the Hownd platform for immediate and ongoing follow-up. With the WiFi Collector, merchants have a fully-integrated solution for automatically driving repeat visits. 

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