What are Hownd Screens and How Do they Work?

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What are Hownd Screens?

Local businesses always want more profitable customers coming through their doors.  The Hownd platform already leverages multiple channels to drive incremental foot traffic, including email, website popups, promo portals, social media, and the MyHownd mobile app.

Hownd Screens are the newest promo distribution channel on the Hownd platform.  By joining the Hownd Screens community, local merchants create a network of screens in their public spaces that provide guests with both entertainment and valuable promos for other complementary local merchants. 

Instead of just showing visitors reruns of fuzzy home-improvement shows, Hownd Screens enable merchants to select a themed channel of content (relaxation, fail, comedy, etc.) and then enjoy the benefits of having promos about their own location shared on their own screens and on screens at other nearby businesses.  The more local businesses that participate, the more valuable the network becomes as each additional screen increases exposure to all the other members of Hownd Screens

Everyone wins with Hownd Screens: Merchants get better content for their guests, guests learn about valuable promos from nearby businesses and all merchants with Hownd Screens benefit from increased consumer engagement and foot traffic.

Please contact Hownd for more information about joining the Hownd Screens network.


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