How Do I Redeem in MindBody?

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After you’ve redeemed a voucher in FetchRev you’ll want to reconcile your purchases in MindBody.

Pricing Option: FetchRev Purchase

  • Will display in the non-member pricing options section on the Retail screen
  • Is not set up to pay for any massage sessions
  • Should not be used for client transactions

Payment Method: Stripe

  • Will not display on the Retail screen
  • Cash-equivalent payment method

Payment Method: Sale via FetchRev

  • Non-cash equivalent payment method
  • Is not added to sales subject to royalty
  • Is not a third-party payer
Placing Prepaid Items on the Client’s Account
  • Process the sale (prepaid massage, gift card, etc.) to the client with the payment method Sale via FetchRev
After Import of Sales and/or Refund Data
  • Go to the Account Details screen of the company client FetchRev
  • Click Edit on the newest FetchRev Purchase
  • Change the Number of Sessions from 1 to 0
  • Click Save
MindBody Integration Notes and FAQ
  • Refunds, if applicable, should be processed directly in the FetchRev portal. Refunds processed by other methods will not be reflected in the MBO site.
  • The integration will not import names of purchasers into the MBO site.
  • Will the individual transactions be imported?
    • No, one transaction will be entered to show the total of sales from the prior day. A second transaction will be entered to show all refunds from the prior day.
  • Will a line item at $0 be imported if there are no sales or refunds?
    • No, if there are zero sales or refunds, nothing will be imported to the MBO site.
  • Will the returns in FetchRev show as a return in the MBO site?
    • No, the returns in MBO will show as a sale for a negative amount, not as an actual return.
  • Will the process for entering payments from other third party payers change to this same process?
    • No, this is a special process specific to the integration with FetchRev.
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