5 Customer Data Collection Strategies to Double Repeat Visits

Know your audience. It’s the most fundamental key to success in communications, no matter if you’re a comedian delivering a punchline, a creative director launching a billboard, or a political candidate hot on the campaign trail. It’s also one of the most difficult lessons to master, as it can prove quite a mystery to learn exactly […]

5 Budget-Friendly Online Creative Tools for Small Business Owners

It’s a situation most business owners are all too familiar with. You’re suddenly challenged to make use of marketing materials or get down and dirty by creating your own custom copy. Without the proper training or background, lacking  the know how to produce effective, eye-catching content often creates a sense of feeling flustered and frustrated […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook for Local Businesses

Not sure how to approach Facebook? You’re not alone. A lot of local business owners want to get their business on social media, but they just don’t know where to start or even what to do once it is started. If you’re feeling this way, Facebook is the safest place to start. Facebook is a more […]

Think Ahead: Creating Your January Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

With every ending comes a new beginning. But for business owners, getting geared up for the first quarter of the year involves so much more than riddling off a few resolutions after midnight without any real rhyme or reason. Before we turn our attention to starting 2019 off right, join us in taking a moment […]

Creating Your December Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

Here come the holidays, and with it the Santa-sized responsibility of trying to balance your marketing strategy during the busiest time of the year with making sure you’re there for every merry moment spent with family and friends. In retrospect, Kris Kringle and his elves have it easy. At FetchRev, we’re no strangers to the […]

Sweet November: Creating Your Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

Time just flies, doesn’t it? One day you’re basking in the sunlight and the next you’re in the market to add to a very impressive winter wardrobe. It’s a little like running a business, you’re constantly adjusting to the season and making changes as you see fit. With summertime success feeling like a distant memory, […]

October Made Easy: Creating Your Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

By October, you’ve finally accepted that fact that summer is officially on sabbatical. That ice-cold lemonade has been replaced by the body warming beverages of whatever coffee creation populates the menu of your local cafe this week. That your last beach vacation is nothing more than a really welcome memory as the cold, blustery wind […]

A September to Remember: Creating Your Monthly Marketing Calendar

From fall fashions taking their place front and center at your favorite shopping destination to the sun suddenly struggling to stay up past seven, the month of September brings change nearly everywhere you look. For business owners, this creates a transitional period that can leave so many contemplating how to bridge the gap from the […]

Saving the Best for Last—Creating an August Campaign Calendar

From an endless summer to the end-of-summer. It’s only human nature to watch the calendar turn to August and work up a fierce anxiety over another inevitable end to summer. While most of us have since graduated from the urgency of heading back to school in a hurry, many business owners battle an end-of-summer frustration […]

Why You Need More Than ‘First Time Customer Only’ Offers

Friends, let’s get one thing straight: your current customers are just as important as a new customer! They all use the same money after all. So why is it so popular to only offer discounts to new customers? We understand the allure of drawing in customers with a good offer – that is what FetchRev is […]