Think Ahead: Creating Your January Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

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With every ending comes a new beginning. But for business owners, getting geared up for the first quarter of the year involves so much more than riddling off a few resolutions after midnight without any real rhyme or reason. Before we turn our attention to starting 2019 off right, join us in taking a moment to reflect on the year gone by. Take time to thank your customers, your employees, and even the barista who devised that special mint mocha that made the holiday season a little bit less hectic. Take a second to remind yourself that success isn’t always a linear path. Some months will naturally be more of a boom than others, but there’s always something to take from every result as you establish the path to repeatable, predictable revenue. But first things first, let’s start the new year off with a bang courtesy of our proven promotion ideas to build your campaigns around in January.

All New Everything (Typically the first two weeks of January)

The great thing about resolutions is that everyone has at least one. For most people, this could mean finding a way to relax more often (hello health and beauty), having more fun together (looking your way family entertainment centers), or even starting 2019 off with more of everything you have to offer (make way for the membership plans). While you can bet on customers redeeming gift cards all month long, now’s the time to really show them what you got while your business is fresh on their minds. Set exclusive savings on your most popular services, attractions, and loyalty plans such as wellness programs for spas, league play for bowling centers, and monthly passes for trampoline parks. Attaching an early bird discount for online purchases reaffirms a sense of urgency for your customers to jump all over your promotion while it’s hot.

Snow Today, Play Tomorrow (Weather permitting)

Depending on where your business calls home, January can be cold—but it doesn’t have to be cruel. For FECs in frigid conditions, sending out a claimable coupon for 2-for-1 admission when Jack Frost rears his frosty head is one way to both warm up inboxes and make your location a must-visit when the snow starts to melt. Thought it may mean keeping an eye on the forecast, giving your customers something more than just spring to look forward to makes a wicked winter all the more bearable.  

A Few Words About Martin Luther King Day (January 21st)

There’s a method to handling holidays and important dates of a tricky nature—be respectful. Which is why we suggest that you stay cognizant that not all people will be receptive to the idea of being sold something built around Martin Luther King Day. Good intentions notwithstanding, we’ve seen many advertising campaigns backfire from big-named brands and thus end up immortalized for the all the wrong reasons online. This is why we maintain that you must tread lightly if you choose to highlight this holiday, and opt to shift the focus to spending a day off from work or school at your establishment, rather than outright using the legacy of MLK in improper fashion.National Spouses Day (January 26th)

A pre-Valentine’s Day treat, National Spouses Day sets the mood with a proper prelude to the holiday of hearts for those that have already tied the knot. If you’re a health and beauty business that wants to save the romantic spa packages for February 14th that’s totally fine, because this is where you can offer something simple like a gift card to show your customers just how they can share their love. Additionally, FECs can get in on all action too by keeping the flame lit with a dinner and games sweetheart package for two.

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