Sweet November: Creating Your Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

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Time just flies, doesn’t it? One day you’re basking in the sunlight and the next you’re in the market to add to a very impressive winter wardrobe. It’s a little like running a business, you’re constantly adjusting to the season and making changes as you see fit. With summertime success feeling like a distant memory, it’s time to turn the calendar to November and gear up for the biggest purchasing days of the year. While the usual suspects are easy to identify and target, there remains some criminally underrated holidays of both the official and unofficial variety to craft your campaigns around and ultimately, increase your revenue potential.

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Election Day (November 6th)

Whether you fall left, right, or somewhere in the middle with your political preferences, your customers are very likely to be hitting the polls hard on Election Day as they cast their votes. Rewarding those that did their civic duty with exclusive savings such as $10 off a spa treatment when they show their “I Voted” sticker via a claimable coupon or a “People’s Choice” purchasable offer built around their favorite attractions is the right way to bring people together in a positive manner on a day that never ceases to be divisive. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Da(November 8th)

Educators, raise your hands. As schools forge the minds of tomorrow, providing an unforgettable field trip to your business can provide dividends today. For family entertainment centers, consider inviting a guest lecturer to dissect the aerodynamics of trampoline jumpers. If that doesn’t add up, allow a geometry teacher and their class to breakdown the angles and analytics during multiple games of bowling. No matter how you draw it up, this remains an impossible-to-ignore opportunity to get a large group into your business that isn’t a birthday party. 

Veterans Day (November 11th)

Not to be confused with Memorial Day, Veterans Day is a call to action to show our support to the men and women of the armed forces. While offering discounted services and admission to military members and their families is a great way to show gratitude, do be cognizant of presenting your messaging in a respectful manner. Avoid self-serving promotion or imagery, and opt to create a natural connection by speaking to the respect we have for their service and utilizing a patriotic image.   

Thanksgiving (November 22nd)

Lost sometimes in the abundance of hearty food lies the true reason for the celebration of Thanksgiving: gratitude. This third Thursday in November provides the perfect platform for you to say “thank you” to your customers for their loyalty and patronage—in the form of special savings. Worried your clientele is too preoccupied spending old-fashioned quality time with family to scroll through their email or social feed? Think again. From 2016 to 2017, Thanksgiving Day spending grew 18.3% from $2.41 billion to $2.87 billion, according to Practical Ecommerce.com. Holiday deals are trending earlier and earlier, and many of the best savings actually come before Black Friday. Don’t miss this opportunity—you’ll thank us later.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November 23rd and 26th)

As soon as you’ve woken up from the inevitable food coma, Black Friday hits like a 3:30 AM alarm blaring in your ear to jump out of bed and get in line for the hottest doorbusters. As a local business that deals in services rather than Tamagotchis or Tickle Me Elmos, you don’t have to fear hoards of crowds barreling down your door. You do, however, need to stand out in a vast sea of email marketing messages touting can’t-miss savings. Our best tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Start your messaging earlier with a sneak-peek sale, run a one-day-only flash sale that emphasizes urgency to purchase, or test a range of deals targeted at specific segments of your email list. The same basic principles of good digital marketing apply on Black Friday—know your audience, make your offer compelling, and keep your messaging clear, concise, and convincing.

If you’d like to start running some of these offers in a way that your customers can take action straight from email or your website, schedule a demo today and start generating more revenue for your center.

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