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New Pricing Effective 1 April 2023

Since launching Hownd as the Experience Promotion Platform™ more than three years ago, we’ve been continuously evaluating and iterating our features and pricing to optimize what’s best for merchants, consumers, and Hownd.  

In December 2021 we discontinued Pay-Per-Visit fees and introduced Results-Delivered Pricing that better aligned with the value delivered by Hownd and, ultimately, merchant success.

With Covid finally behind us, we are ready to move everything forward.  Our product roadmap is full of updates designed to make the platform easier and more effective for all of our merchants. Plans include enhancing email deliverability, updating the Promo Discovery Portal, introducing new website popup designs, releasing a new editor for automated email campaigns, and more!

As we look forward into 2023, we have turned our attention to our pricing model with the goal of making it more predictable for our merchants.  

Therefore, as of 1 April 2023, Hownd pricing will be:

  • $49 a month for unlimited promo campaigns, including buy nows, coupons, data collectors, birthday drips, and more.
  • 8% Transaction Fee on consumer purchases, which also covers credit card processing fees (meaning after a $100 consumer purchase, you receive $92 in your account.) With Hownd, you also get your money quickly and keep the breakage!
  • Starting at $49 a month per access point for Hownd WiFi, our complementary free guest WiFi solution which collects valuable visitor contact details and entices them to come back again soon. (Get 2 access points for $79, 3 for $99…Additional custom pricing is available.)



  • FetchRev pricing remains unchanged at this time.
  • This does not apply to merchants only in the Kids Skate Free program.

We look forward to continuing to help you share promos, get customers, and make money!

What happens next?

The Hownd pricing change is effective as of 1 April 2023:  

  • To continue with Hownd, there’s no need to do anything: Your subscription will be updated and the credit card on file will be applied to cover the subscription.  
  • If you would like to make a change to your Hownd subscription or to discuss how best to leverage Hownd, please reach out to our Customer Support team:


We look forward to continuing to help you share promos, get customers, and make money! 

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