Top 8 Ways Hownd is Better than Groupon for Local Merchants

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Hownd offers local merchants friendly terms while helping them build profitable long-term relationships with nearby consumers

The top question we get from potential new merchants on our platform is:

“How is Hownd different than Groupon?”


We love that question because we offer local merchants so much more!

8 Reasons Hownd is Better than Groupon

1. Fast Payout of Consumer Purchases

With Hownd, you don’t have to wait for the consumer to visit before you are paid.  Your money is deposited into your bank account via ACH transfer within a few days of the consumer making a purchase from your business. 

With Groupon, you have to wait until the consumer visits before you receive your money.(See Section 2.h of the Groupon Terms and Conditions). 

And… if the consumer never visits, you never see the money the consumer spent buying from your business.  Which is good for Groupon (because they keep the money)…  but not so good for you…

2. You Keep the Breakage!

With Hownd, you get paid after the purchase, not after the consumer visits.  This means you enjoy the “free money” of unused gift cards and buy nows! 

The reality is that 15 to 20 percent of purchased gift cards are never used… this feature alone is a HUGE benefit for Hownd merchants and can mean hundreds of dollars a month in “free money”!


3. Lower Fees (More Profit)

Merchants tell us that Groupon’s cut of sales can be up to 50% of what the consumer pays (!!).  At Hownd, merchants only pay a flat 4.99% rate which includes the credit card processing. 

So, when a consumer buys your gift card for $100, you see $95.01 of that purchase in your bank account via ACH transfer.  This means more money in your pocket.


4. You Control the Promotion

With Hownd, there’s no need to run deep discounts. Our platform is all about helping local merchants build relationships with their nearby customers. 

While consumers are consumers and may need some sort of incentive to change their habits, you have control of what that means. 

For example:

  • Maybe you offer a bonus gift instead of a direct discount? 
  • Or maybe a smaller discount, but one that’s enough to be attractive?

In either case, Hownd doesn’t require you to deeply discount the value of your product or service. In fact, Hownd does just the opposite — we leave the decision about the value of your offer up to you at a level that you’re comfortable with. 

5. Build Your Customer Lists

With Hownd, you get the customer data as soon as the consumer shares it via a purchase, coupon claim, data collector, or WiFi.  You can then reach out to those consumers directly to keep them coming back to your business and build loyalty.


6. Website Popups

The Hownd website popup helps you monetize the traffic on your website by putting an attractive promo right in front of consumers visiting your site.  It’s a key way to convert casual browsers into new customers coming through your door and create IMMEDIATE revenue for your business.


7. Coupons Promos

With Hownd, you have the flexibility to run the type of promo that works best for your business, not just what the daily-deal sites want you to run.  

For example, coupons are a great way to reach new consumers and build your customer list and Hownd gives you the power to run an unlimited number of coupons for a flat monthly fee.


8. Reach Consumers at the Right Time with Data Collectors

Hownd helps you understand your customers better by gathering enhanced data such as birthdays, anniversaries, and children’s birthdays.  Hownd can then automatically send them relevant promos as their special day approaches.  

This is a great way to add more birthday parties for your venue, helping you generate more profitable revenue. 


Want to learn more?

It’s easy to get started with Hownd!  

Just book a demo and we’ll start helping your business grow.  Profitably!

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