Out with the Old in 2022: Goodbye Pay-Per-Visit Fees!

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Hownd - New Pricing for Marketing Services in 2022

New Hownd Pricing Model Streamlines Onboarding and Eliminates PPV Fees

Since launching in 2019, the Hownd local promotions platform has helped thousands of local merchants across North America drive more foot traffic with a “zero-risk” pricing model.

Unlike group deal sites that lead to swarms of profitless visitors, Hownd helps local merchants build strong and healthy relationships with nearby consumers. 

While the pandemic slowed business activity, the need remains for a proven promotions platform that is focused on the business success of local merchants. 

Based on feedback from our merchants, we are pleased to introduce a new Hownd pricing model that is even MORE aligned with the needs of local businesses:

  • No More PPV fees!  – We will still track foot traffic around every redemption but this activity is no longer linked to merchant fees
  • No More Credit Card Payment Processor Setup – We just need your bank ACH information to deposit your money!
  • Updated Buy Now Pricing – A simple 8% flat fee covers both the Hownd platform and consumer credit card processing
  • Add Unlimited Coupons and Data Collectors for only $39 a month* – Coupon claims and data collectors are great ways to build your customer list, attract nearby consumers, and drive foot traffic!
  • Add a Guest WiFi access point for only $39 a month – Collect valuable details about visitors to build your customer list and keep them coming back again and again

We’ve been sharing this new pricing model with select merchants over the past few months and will be rolling it out to all Hownd merchants starting in January 2022.

* $39/month for unlimited coupons and data collectors is for single-attraction locations.  Multi-attraction locations will have a higher monthly price.  Please contact us for details!  

Want to move to the new pricing model now?

Hownd is a proven promotional platform aligned with the goals of local merchants. 

Hownd features:

To move to the new pricing model immediately, please contact the Hownd Support team at support@hownd.com or (877) 394-2410.

Also... Happy New Year!!

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