The Red, White, and Beyond—Planning Your July Marketing Calendar

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Add some spark to your summer campaign strategy.

You’ve already composed your out-of-office reply, taken your new flip-flops for a spin in the fresh sand, and broken in the barbecue for a new season of char-grilled burgers and dogs. Yes, we’re officially in the heat of summer, but that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts need to slow down to match the relaxed pace of July. Let these upcoming dates and events spark some mid-summer inspiration and keep your momentum going strong straight through the hottest months of the year and right into the back-to-school season to maximize your money-making results. 

Independence Day, July 4th

From sea to shining seas, gearing up for a star-spangled celebration of our nation that also just happens to be one of the top days for deals. Even if your business is closed to observe the holiday, that doesn’t mean that your customers aren’t scrolling through their email searching for the hottest specials. Light up their inboxes with your deepest discounts of the summer, or if you’re open, give them a reason to rock out on your attractions with the whole family before the big action of another fireworks show.

Friday the 13th, July 13th

This calendar day may have been given a bad rap by superstition, but it also might just spell good fortune for your business. Now’s the perfect time to run a 24-hour flash sale, valid only on July 13th, with exclusive discounts like 50% off a family four-pack that make customers feel lucky to have opened your email. If you’re a family entertainment center that hosts late-night events like cosmic bowling or themed skate nights, feel free to play into the fright flicks that the “Friday the 13th” movie series have brought to life. For $13 admission, guests can enjoy food, spooky attractions. a DJ spinning some mangled mash-ups, or showcase a movie in the background. This can be a great way for your business to gauge interest in running a similar event around Halloween.

Get to Know Your Customers Day, July 19th

We definitely smiled a bit inside when we discovered that this was a real holiday. Observed on the third Thursday of every quarter, Get to Know Your Customers Day was developed to bring back the personal feeling of shopping on Main Street, where mom-and-pop businesses would know the names of all their visitors. One of FetchRev’s specialties is helping you acquire relevant customer data to better your marketing efforts, and July 19th is the perfect date to send out a coupon campaign or a birthday collector. Communicate with your customers that you want to get to know them better, so that you can create offers that are more specialized to their needs—they’ll be happy to help!

World Jump Day, July 20th

This one’s a little wacky, but stick with us trampoline park owners, we promise it’ll be worth your while. Born out of a notion that we could affect global warming and even extend daytime hours if every person in the world jumped at the same time, this silly-on-the-surface holiday can be a real revenue-generator for trampoline parks. Sure, the theory that a collective jump would nudge the earth off its axis and change everything for the better was debunked, but the celebration still exists! Try hosting a special event at your jump park, complete with food and activities, at a special price—our only request is that you don’t invite the entire world, as that may cause a safety issue.

Parents’ Day, July 22nd

Those of us in the family entertainment industry know that it’s all about the kids—but on this date in July, moms and dads are invited to take center stage. To honor all the hard work that they put in, reward them with a “Parents Bowl Free” or “Parents Jump for 50% Off” special when they bring their kids to your venue. Alternatively, if your business is in the health and wellness realm, offer special “Parents’ Day Out” specials, such as discounted massage sessions or a yoga class. Pro tip: you can get a head start on ensuring your email offers reach customers who are parents by segmenting your email list prior to sending out your campaign.

Ready to watch your summertime business boom? Make a note of these dates and let the fireworks begin.

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