The Best is Yet to Come—Creating a May Marketing Calendar

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Setting the stage for summer success.

Acting as the bridge between spring and summer, the merry month of May never ceases to build the toe-tapping anticipation levels of everyone from students on the cusp of graduation to employees subtly cashing in their vacation hours and planning their great escape to parts unknown. For business owners, the month is just bursting at the seams with multiple opportunities to maximize revenue and step up their marketing game by carefully crafting campaigns to capitalize on the overflow of events happening before summer’s blockbuster arrival.

May 4th, Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you. While The Last Jedi may have proved to be a bit divisive in the eyes of original trilogy traditionalists, there’s no mind trick behind the fact that the Star Wars franchise is as popular as ever. With the newest installment, Solo, coming in hot later this month, creating a campaign or promoting a special event centered around everyone’s favorite multi-film family drama is a fun and appealing strategy for family entertainment centers everywhere. In light (side) of this, we recently created a custom newsletter promoting a free game of laser tag with price of admission for customers who dress up in their favorite Star Wars attire for one of our favorite clients (sorry about the over-the-phone lightsaber noises, Ava).

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo represents a day to celebrate the culture, achievements and experiences of people with a Mexican background who live in the United States. Not just limited to businesses in the Southwest and California, Cinco de Mayo is a chance to embrace a festive approach to fun in a respectful manner. If you serve food at your place of business, try adding some flavor by including some Mexican cuisine to your menu for the day. If not, offer a discount for those that dress in traditional quechquémitls or sombreros while they bowl or show up for some trampoline time. As a word to the wise, be careful not to confuse this holiday with Día de Muertos or Mexican Independence Day as they differ greatly in cultural meaning, imagery and historical significance.

May 13th, Mother’s Day

When it comes to generating revenue, the mother of all holidays doesn’t mess around. With Mother’s Day spending forecasted to reach $23.1 billion this year, everyone and their mother is ready to go beyond the traditional card and dinner reservations to make her big day something truly special. With so many on the search for the perfect way to show mom just how much she means, this is the time to identify your most popular services and put them on full display for an offer only a mother could love.

May 14th, National Dance Like a Chicken Day

No this day isn’t based on the running gag from Arrested Development, but we like to think it is anyway. Looking for a special event that gets people pumped to watch the most absurd yet oddly compelling of all competitions? National Dance Like a Chicken Day might just be the ticket, especially if you have a young and fun demographic of customers. Organize and promote the contest with a worthy and enticing first place prize and watch as the crowd goes crazy for each clucker. Bird is the word.

May 28th, Memorial Day

Above all else, Memorial Day is a holiday devoted to showing our appreciation to those that gave everything for our country. Not to be confused with the patriotic pride and pomp and circumstance of Independence Day, paying tribute to the fallen troops while still trying to sell a service can seem in bad taste even when intentions are anything but. An alternative is to speak to the date in your copy and advertising as the unofficial start to the summer, thereby highlighting the lighter part of the holiday and the push to get people out of the house and through your doors.

Prom, Mid to Late May

Calling all hair salons and spas—you don’t to want to miss this. The undeniably biggest event in a pre-adult social life, prom is kind of a big deal. Quite simply, this is when a major portion of your customers are looking to spend on services that’ll make them look picture-perfect on the big day. You’re going to want to push treatments such as teen and acne facials, hair and styling specials, and professional makeup services. Remember nobody excels at spreading the word like teens, so let them know it’s okay to hang a hashtag on the finished product and tag your business on Instagram.

Graduation/End of School Year, Late May

Sometimes you have to save the best for last. Tip your cap to students everywhere by focusing on a first in class gift card campaign for family and friends looking to purchase something special in the form of a personalized present. Be it an hour-long jump session or an hour-long massage, the right gift card will go a long way in the eyes of the recipient.


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