Summer Warm Up—Creating a June Campaign Calendar

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In the spirit of beach days and poolside selfies, summer hits us all like a heatwave, providing inspiration as the days grow longer and the temperature routinely flirts with triple digits. However, for business owners, the annual sight of seeing their favorite customers depart for weekend excursions and outdoor activities is enough to steal a season’s worth of sunshine. At FetchRev, we can’t help you cancel their travel plans, but we can use our unparalleled expertise to provide some sizzling ideas for campaigns that’ll give them a reason to consistently make your place of business a summer stop from June on.

After all, school may be out for the summer, but we hope you haven’t packed away your notebooks yet—because you’re going to want to write these dates and events down.

Wedding Season, June 1st-30th

While any month will do for exchanging “I do’s,” weddings are most commonly held in September and, you guessed it, June. So, how can the most popular month for nuptials catapult your business’s success? Think special rates for small- to medium-sized groups. Reception dinners, bridal showers, and bachelor parties don’t need to take place at a restaurant or bar. Market your specialty, be it trampolines, bowling, roller skating, or arcade games, as the ultimate get-together locale for the bridal party and beyond. If you’re in the health and beauty business, this is your chance to capitalize on the barrage of bridesmaids, wedding guests, and even the future Mr. and Mrs., who will undoubtedly be looking for the perfect manicure, fancy updo, or spa getaway to escape the stresses of wedding planning.

Last Day of School, First Week of June

No more teachers, no more books—at least until Labor Day. June brings with it the end of pop quizzes, dress codes, and awkward dances, but it also leaves parents with bored, energized kids sitting around the house. Let your business play the summertime savior with weekday specials catered towards kids and parents, like free skate rentals with the purchase of admission on Thursdays, or half off jump time on Tuesday afternoons.

The NBA Finals, First Two Weeks of June

For a fourth consecutive season, LeBron James and his revolving cast of supporting Cleveland Cavaliers prepare to take on the all-mighty Steph Curry and his glimmering band of Golden State Warriors with an NBA championship on the line. It doesn’t take a sharp shooter to realize that creating an unofficial tie-in to a major trending sports event is as easy as an uncontested shot. For trampoline parks that feature a well-positioned rim for customers to dunk to their hearts’ delight, wanting to emulate their favorite alley-oops and tomahawk dunks will be even more heightened with each passing game. For bowling alleys and businesses that plan on showcasing the series on the biggest flatscreen television in the building, consider offering food and beverage deals to bring them back in no matter what team they root for.

Father’s Day, Sunday June 17th

On Sunday, June 17th, the nation will collectively pay homage to our bad joke-telling, goofy tie-wearing dads, and, on the whole, we have no idea what to give them for Father’s Day. Offer an alternative to yet another set of golf tees or a cheesy coffee mug with just-for-Dad specials like a round of putt-putt, an all-the-frills car wash, or even a gentleman’s facial. Now is the perfect time to employ a plugin on your website, hosting both an evergreen special and a Father’s Day exclusive as pop-ups on your site. Utilizing the FetchRev plugin can help you convert casual visitors into paying customers.

Summer Solstice, June 21st

Ready for your science lesson? The summer solstice, celebrated on June 21st, occurs when Earth’s rotational axis is most greatly inclined towards the sun. In layman’s terms, this means more hours of light than even the most sun-worshipping beach bums know what to do with. Consider this the prime time to roll out your summer kickoff campaigns, such as Beat-the-Heat specials, discounted passes or value packs. Armed with a robust calendar of events—and lots of SPF 50—you’ll be prepared to take on the “summer slump” head-on, and come out a shining star.

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