Spring Forward—Creating a March FetchRev Campaign Calendar

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Third month’s a charm.

Compared with the other eleven months of the calendar year, March just seems to get a bad rap. From a weather forecast that’s stuck in-between sunshine and scattered showers to the scary spectre of the Ides of March (if you’re Julius Caesar, that is), the third try of the new year can’t help to be more misunderstood than most. However, March can be a money-making machine if you’re in the business of small business marketing, featuring a multitude of holidays and special events perfectly crafted for creating campaigns. So get your iCal or Google Calendar ready—here are the dates and events to target for the upcoming month.

March 11, Daylight Savings Time Begins

Spring ahead! The official start to brighter days ahead lands at the beginning of the month, and it is ripe with marketing opportunities. Consider running a special offering a free hour of jump time or laser tag with purchase to commemorate gaining 60 extra minutes of daylight.

March 13, NCAA March Madness Tournament Starts

Even if you’re not a basketball aficionado, it’s hard to ignore the hoopla surrounding the NCAA tournament—or fill out a bracket of your own. This spirited time of year works in your favor if you happen to have a local college team ranked in the tournament, but the event can be a slam dunk for small businesses regardless. Offering a discount on services like sports massage or personal training keeps your customers in the game of spending.

March 14, Pi Day

We’re talking geometry here, not apple, cherry, or pecan. The infamous irrational number Pi has gone from middle school math students’ nightmare to a holiday that celebrates geekery in all its glory. While offering a free slice of lemon meringue at your front desk is certainly an option, we suggest running a coupon that allows your customers to redeem for a percent off—if they can rattle off the first six digits of Pi when they check in (3.14159).

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky you. The American celebration of Irish heritage is the perfect opportunity to rake in a bit of extra green. Bowling alleys can host a Saturday night Shamrock & Roll event, with specials on lane or shoe rentals, food and drinks. Luckily, this holiday lends itself well to most industries, as a coupon campaign offering 25 percent off for anyone arriving wearing green is a sure bet to attract customers.

Typically the Third Week of March, Spring Break

For coeds nationwide, Spring Break is an opportunity to put aside the textbooks, leave the winter clothes on campus, and jet off for a wild vacation to Key West, Las Vegas, or even south of the border. If you’re in the beauty industry, now’s your chance to capitalize on Spring Breakers’ desire to look swimsuit-ready in time to hit the pool. Specials on spray tanning, hair highlighting, and facial treatments will work wonders on weary students seeking a pick-me-up before their trip.

Devin Pangaro & Vanessa Demske
FetchRev Digital Content Marketing Team

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