Saving the Best for Last—Creating an August Campaign Calendar

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From an endless summer to the end-of-summer.

It’s only human nature to watch the calendar turn to August and work up a fierce anxiety over another inevitable end to summer. While most of us have since graduated from the urgency of heading back to school in a hurry, many business owners battle an end-of-summer frustration over a month that lacks any major holidays, making for a struggle when it comes to conjuring up fresh campaign ideas. Hey, nobody said the season of sun was supposed to go down smooth, right? Here’s where we can help. With a little bit of inspiration and an examination of some under-the-radar dates, August can not only round out your summer marketing efforts in style but also set you up for your best fall yet.

National Family Fun Month (August 1-31)

For families, the last few weeks of summer before the kids head back to school is a time to bond—and go big! Quite simply, this is shine time for family entertainment centers that offer any type of family package that brings them in all together. On the customer success side at FetchRev, we’ve been hard at work crafting offers across a multitude of industries that are completely optimized and built around this can’t miss theme, speaking to the importance of quality family time spent outside the house and making the moments last with the people who matter most. For an offer idea, focus on a family pack that includes admission, access to attractions, and a meal to share.

Back to School (Typically August 7-31)

What more can we say? Literally, since we took a deep dive into the least favorite part of summer just last year. Heading back to school isn’t easy, but the right campaign can reach the masses before or after they’ve stocked up on all their basic supplies for the new semester. For health and beauty businesses, offering exclusive savings on a teen facial is the right way to target teenagers looking to turn heads for homecoming. For bowling alleys or go-kart facilities, consider promoting a college night to get the coeds mixing and mingling over some discounted and highly Instagrammable activities.

National Relaxation Day (August 15th)

Excuse us while we send up the spa signal into the sky for all our friends in the health and beauty industry. Celebrating a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the type of reprieve that speaks volumes to anyone with a crammed calendar of personal and professional obligations. Best represented by a massage special, offering a discounted service in honor of this very special day invites new customers in for some first-time me-time while simultaneously attracting return visitors to revive their mind and body with a familiar feel-good session. Want to offer something for everyone? Consider adding an additional option of a facial, massage upgrade such as hot stones or aromatherapy, or a body wrap.

National Aviation Day (August 19th)

As a jump park, you’re all about defying the laws of gravity and getting your customers off the ground than with an experience they’ll never forget. With August 19th serving as Orville’s Wright’s birthday (all apologies to Wilbur), what better time to reward the frequent flyers that find their way to your facility than with a 2-for-1 jump special? As a bonus, cross-promote to the cosplayers of the world with a complimentary soda to those that come equipped in aviators goggles.

We hope you got your vacation out of the way early, because August is no time to lose steam. Plan ahead and end summer on the ultimate high note by turning nothing into something all month long.

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