Reach More Customers with Facebook Promos – Now with Rich Metadata

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Facebook Promos Now Feature Metadata for Better Results

Good news! 

Rich campaign metadata is now available for your Facebook promos, giving deals shared in your social media feed an even more eye-catching ability to turn casual browsers into actual customers.

All new promo campaigns will include this new functionality. 

BEFORE: A generic promo banner
AFTER: Facebook social media posts includes the promo image and title = Very nice!

Best Practice: Leverage Social Media!
The Hownd/FetchRev platform can leverage your Facebook social media account to get your current promos in front of consumers.

It’s all about triggering an impulse, so reaching consumers with attractive and compelling promos wherever they are is a great way to generate new claims and purchases.

What Other Promo Distribution Channels Does Hownd Support?
Your Facebook account is a valuable way to get your promos in front of your target audience. However, it is just one of the many promo distribution channels we use to reach nearby consumers.

Other channels include:

Two Easy Steps to Drive Traffic with Facebook

Step 1: Connect your Hownd or FetchRev Account to Facebook

Step 2: Run Enticing Promos

  • Hownd – Create coupon and buy-now offerings you want to share 
  • FetchRev – Create and run campaigns using the Facebook distribution option

Hownd is here to help!

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Support team for help getting started with Facebook promo distribution:

We would be happy to talk about Facebook integration and all the other ways we can help you build better relationships with your nearby consumers.

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