Promo Landing Pages Refreshed with Bold Design and New Functionality

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“All Roads Lead to Landing Pages”
 – The Hownd / FetchRev platform

No matter which path consumers come into the promo flow – email,  website popups, promo portalsguest WiFi, or Hownd Screens – their next step is to visit a landing page.  

Landing pages are the key place where consumers learn about promos and then move forward by sharing their info or making a purchase.

In other words, landing pages are a BIG DEAL on the Hownd platform.

That’s why we are pleased to share that we have completely rewritten the Hownd / FetchRev landing pages to provide: 

  • A new, fresher look
  • New multi-location functionality
  • A strong foundation for the future

Out with the old:

The lowdown: Though they served us well, the old landing pages had an older, narrow style that included details that might add friction to the purchase flow (Hours of Operation, for example). Also, when the consumer clicked Buy Now, it opened a three step pop-up dialog that seemed disconnected from the previous page.  Finally, there were some quirky issues (such as entering dates) that needed improvement.


In with the new:

The upside: 

  • Fresher Look – New bold design featuring a bigger photo
  • Multi-Location Functionality – New functionality for merchants with multiple locations (see below)
  • Optimized for Mobile – Better experience for consumers using mobile phones to discover and purchase promos
  • Foundation for Future Enhancements – Thanks to your feedback, we have lots of ideas about how to get better and better.  The new landing pages make it much easier for us to add new functionality. (Stay tuned for more!)

More about Multi-Location Selection

Merchants with multiple locations can now share a single promo link across all of their locations via website popup, social media account, and email.  Once on the landing page, consumers simply select the location they want to use. Learn more about Multi-Location Selection


Landing pages include:

  • Buy Nows – Including both gift cards and buy now vouchers
  • Coupons – All types
  • Data Collectors – Including those for birthdays, kids birthdays, and anniversaries
Hownd landing pages are available in English, Spanish and French to support our merchants around the world 

What's next?

All landing pages will be switched to the new design in late May 2021.  

Please contact us with any questions!

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