Great marketing starts with a lot of watching, listening, reading, talking and experimenting. Hownd has you covered on the listening part with our ongoing series of “Fetching Rev” podcasts.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs alike, there are hundreds of hats to wear each week. Sometimes you play a sales role, other days you’re the accountant, manager, or simply a listening ear for a team member. The facets of running a business are complex at every level of the organization.

Hownd’s Chief Brand Officer Mike Carrillo and Robert Reed have been walking this road together for years. What they’ve learned is that, much like raising kids, running a business takes a village. Surrounding yourself with people who know your situation, have walked in your shoes, and can help guide you.

There’s too much information out there to be an expert in every field. So, each month, they dissect a topic with a guest who’s an expert in their field. They take the topic and boil it down to useful tips you can apply in your business TODAY.

This podcast is for anyone who has sat in this seat, wants to in the future, or simply wants to better understand and balance their personal and professional lives.

Bill Gates is an Alien

Mike and Rob are at it again. Somehow they find a way to make Bill Gates an inspiration even though he is an alien. Business ownership is full of wins and setbacks. We are excited to have Josh Farley from Redline Solar join us on the show.

Thanos Has Grit

I know you might think there is a magic pill to success, but there are certain attributes that all business owners share. Grit or Undying Courage is one of those attributes. Thanos had grit.

1984 & Meteors

How do Mike and Rob tie it all in? They draw from their experiences and are able to weave in how special 1984 was while leaving business owners with key points on how to set your business up to leave and really know that it's all taken care of.

Health, Fitness & Business

Listen in as Mike & Rob talk about health and fitness marketing for your business.

Business Owners Share Hiring Tips

Sometimes you need an outside perspective on the perils of hiring new employees. Have no fear we provide solutions here.

Hiring: Who Are You Looking For?

This episode Mike and Rob get down to the nitty gritty in to what goes in to one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner.