Hot Off the Press: Party Center Software’s 2019 Online Party Booking Study is Now Out

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The sweet spot for any family entertainment center, a birthday grants a golden opportunity to get customers back in the door as a group, sharing the experience of a grand extravaganza and spreading the word before, during, and after the celebration to their inner and outer circles. While everyone loves a surprise, having the right data at your disposal as a business owner to ensure you have a solid strategy to make the big day even better is one of the best ways to creating predictable revenue both through new bookings—and return partiers. Right on cue, Party Center Software has stepped in to save the (birth)day with their comprehensive 2019 Online Party Booking Study available now.

Inside the pages of their all-powerful ebook, PCS (Party Center Software) crunches the numbers, breaks down the demographics, and proves without a shadow of a doubt that birthday bookings are on the rise and the demand for booking venues continue to increase at a rapid rate.

In addition to the above, PCS also analyzes the importance of having a simple online booking function available, drops some major knowledge on just what months and days of the week customers are busy booking, and showcases where the average revenue per party is at currently (you’ll love this answer). In conclusion, this is an integral and information-rich piece that any business owner would do good by adding to their library. Best of all, it’s completely free. That’s right. Call it the icing on the cake and click here to download your copy today.

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