October Made Easy: Creating Your Monthly Marketing Campaign Calendar

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By October, you’ve finally accepted that fact that summer is officially on sabbatical. That ice-cold lemonade has been replaced by the body warming beverages of whatever coffee creation populates the menu of your local cafe this week. That your last beach vacation is nothing more than a really welcome memory as the cold, blustery wind wreaks havoc on your hair.

Yes, this is fall season. It’s football and fright night. It’s sweater weather and school. It’s candy corn and coming together to formulate an effective marketing plan for your business before the big holidays hit. Without further ado, let’s look at what opportunities lie ahead in October as we add a little flavor to your fall agenda. 

All Pumpkin Everything (All October Long )

At the first sign of fall, seasonal treats appear on shelves everywhere, from Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts to Caramel Apple Oreos. Now, 15 years past the advent of Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, we can all laugh at how ubiquitous the flavor has become—but the truth is, everyone loves the warm, autumnal feelings that pumpkin brings. Now’s the time, whether you’re a spa or a bowling center, to add a little spice to your regular menu. Pumpkin facials or caramel apples at the cafe will bring in guests looking to sweeten up their usual experience.

World Teachers Day (October 5th)

Whether their classroom is pre-K or college, educators are some of the hardest workers around. This globally recognized holiday is a great way for your local business to recognize and appreciate teachers in your area with exclusive pricing or packages. Now more than a month into the school year, the stack of papers to grade is likely piling up. Give teachers a chance to kick back at a budget-friendly price, whether your business offers relaxation in the form of a massage or a game of paintball. Encourage parents to purchase Teachers Day offers as a thank you for the positive impact they have on children everywhere. 

Get to Know Your Customers Day (October 18th)

Occuring on the third Thursday of every quarter, this business-centric holiday is at the heart of what FetchRev does best. After all, the key to successful marketing is crafting messages that are so tailored to your audience, they can’t pass them up. The first step in all this is having a clear picture of the customers you’re speaking to. Use this day as an opportunity to audit your FetchRev campaigns and be sure you’re doing everything you can to better understand who your audience is. Are you running a birthday collector? Knowing this simple piece of information about your customers can make the difference between stagnant and supercharged click rates on your emails.

New Friends Day (October 19)

Sorry Drake, no new friends is not it. it’s well known that the best recommendation a business can have is a personal recommendation, and word-of-mouth is the most timeless and effective marketing channel. New Friends Day was established to encourage people to expand their social circles, their hobbies, and their ways of thinking. Your business can join in the fun by hosting an event centered around meeting new friends—think “80’s Skate Night” or “Rock and Bowl.” Another option is to create a referral program with the intention of bringing new friends into your business. Offer a discount to customers who bring a new visitor, and you may just have a whole new group of regulars.

Halloween (October 31)

It all leads up to this—the spookiest, zaniest, most sugar-filled holiday of the year, Halloween. Everybody loves a treat, the same can’t always be said for a trick. So keep your spooky strategy simple and clear. For family entertainment centers, encourage your customers to show their spirit by coming in costume to enjoy all their favorite attractions over Halloween weekend and night. Convert a section of your center such as the laser tag arena to incorporate a haunted house theme, add a terrifying twist to mini-golf, or host a costume contest with a gruesomely awesome grand prize. For health and beauty businesses, consider keeping with the theme while offering a discounted service on treatments like the Vampire Facial or mummy-pleasing body wraps.

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