New Intercard Integration Improves Experiences

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New connection streamlines redemption of MyHownd promos on Intercard readers, getting consumers back to the fun even faster

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There’s good news for merchants using Intercard!  

New integration between the Hownd / FetchRev and Intercard platforms makes it easy for consumers to redeem MyHownd promos on Intercard self-service kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems. 

Previously, when a consumer had a game card promo, merchants had to manually redeem the Hownd voucher code and then set up the Intercard game card at the front counter. This was slow for the consumer and took staff away from other important duties.

Now, Intercard merchants can offer consumers coupons and buy-now promos that can be directly redeemed for game card credits using the MyHownd mobile app at Intercard kiosks.  No need for staff involvement! 

This new integration is a time-saver for merchants and a great self-service experience for guests.

How Does the Magic Happen?

Merchants export a list of voucher codes from their Intercard system and share it with Hownd: 

  • Intercard can provide the merchant with instructions about how to do this
  • The merchant can provide the Hownd Customer Success team with access to their Intercard system and we will handle it from there

The Intercard voucher codes are used to automatically create game card promos in Hownd that are compatible with Intercard kiosks and readers..  

Once claimed or purchased, the consumer simply uses the MyHownd mobile app to reveal a QR code they can use to generate a game card at Intercard kiosks or POS.

MyHownd with a QR Code for redemption

New Possibilities for Promos


This new integration opens up new ways to drive new revenue and additional foot traffic at your facility.  

Examples of compelling game card promos include:

  • Free $5 game card on a child’s birthday
  • Free $5 game card with the purchase of a voucher for a pizza and soda 
  • $25 in game card value for only $20
  • $5 game card with the purchase of two games of bowling (using our new BOGO feature)


Best of all, these game cards can be easily redeemed by consumers without unnecessary staff interaction.

Ready to Get Started?

Do you already use Intercard for your cashless transactions?

  • If so, let’s get you going!
  • If not, please visit Intercard to learn more

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Success team for help creating Hownd promos that are compatible with Intercard:

We would be happy to talk about Intercard integration and all the other ways we can help you build better relationships with your nearby consumers. 

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