An Empty Studio Probably Isn't

The Peaceful Atmosphere You Intended

Relax, we can help you attract more customers.

What Is Hownd?

Hownd is an automated marketing platform to help health & beauty businesses promote special offers that generate repeat revenue and foot traffic.

Marketing Can Be Complicated.

Promoting New Offers Shouldn't Be.

With Hownd, It's Easy!

1. Log in to your Hownd account.
2. Tell us what you have to offer.

3. We automatically distribute promotions through:

Promote Your Offers to Nearby Consumers!

In addition to distributing promos to current customers. Hownd can help you attract new customers through our MyHownd App, promo portals, and other unique channels and opportunities in the Hownd network.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Keep more money in your pocket and guarantee profitability on Buy Now offers with our zero-risk pricing and affordable add-ons.

We get paid when you do!
$0 Set Up Fee / No Contracts

Relax, While Hownd Attracts More Customers to Your Health & Beauty Business!

Book a demo with Hownd to learn more and start generating repeat foot traffic, revenue, and data for your business.

    Business Location:
    Let us know where your business is located to get the best offers we have available. If your business qualifies, you may be able to get Hownd and/or other added benefits at NO COST through one of our unique partnerships.

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