Collect emails and send automated bounce back promos FOR FREE with MyHownd WiFi!

A $99/mo value!

A Better Connection for Everyone!

MyHownd WiFi helps you provide a free WiFi connection and enticing offers to your customers while also providing security for your network.

So how does it work?

Glad You Asked:

When a customer connects to your WiFi, they’ll be prompted to provide their email to gain access. This helps you know who is using your WiFi and allows you to grow your marketing database! A few days after a customer’s first visit to your establishment, Hownd will automatically send them a bounce back offer that you create to entice them to return. 

Guest WiFi Access


For IAAPA Members


Keep Them Coming Back!

It’s great to have visitors today, but what about tomorrow, next week, and next month? 

Connect with your customers and send automated bounceback promotions after they visit to generate the repeat foot traffic your business needs.