Hownd Promotional Marketing Helps Local Merchants Through Rain and Shine

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As the economic weather continues to shift,
Hownd is ready to help local merchants!

What a strange few years it has been for local merchants:

  • Prior to Covid-19 “Goldilocks” – A strong but balanced economy
  • Covid LockdownsScreeching Halt – Government-mandated restrictions mean closed locations and no consumers
  • Covid ReopeningsVaccinations Save the Day! – Overwhelming number of consumers eager to get out.  There’s no need to advertise because not enough employees!
  • Slowing Economy – Inflation is now sapping away at consumer confidence and discretionary spending


No matter the economic weather, Hownd promotional marketing helps local merchants create and maintain better relationships with nearby consumers to drive more profitable foot traffic.

Fun Fact:
When you use date collectors with Hownd, each consumer birthday collected is worth $5 in additional annual revenue.

Rain or Shine

Some of the key promotional functionality of the Hownd platform provides value all the time, including:

  • Customer Lists – Collect valuable consumer contact details with Free Guest WiFi, buy nows, coupons, birthday promos, and general data collectors.  For roller skating centers, the Kids Skate Free program is a great way to build a customer list.
  • Website Popups – These are the most effective way to turn casual web browsers into real customers coming through your door
  • Facebook Social Media Connections – They’re following you online, which is great… but use linked promos to get them coming through your doors!
  • More Online Reviews! – Send newsletters that link to your Google reviews page to build positive online buzz (FetchRev only)

Rain - Slow Economy

Hownd Helps You Weather the Storm

During the more challenging times, take advantage of Hownd’s distribution channels to reach consumers with your attractive promos, including:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns – Leverage your existing customer lists to drive traffic (You did keep building your customer list during the good times, right?)
  • Website Popups – Create an attractive promo and immediately get it in front of web browsers.  For best results, make it special!  Think flash sales or Buy-one-Get-One (BOGO) offers!  
  • Facebook Social Media Promos – Reach your followers with exciting promos and increase the freqency of their engagement! 
  • Promo Discovery Portal –  Your offers can get extra visibility on the Hownd Promo Discovery Portal
  • MyHownd Mobile App – Reach nearby consumers by getting your promos in front of them on their mobile devices

Continue Building Your Customer Lists – Use coupons and birthday promos to collect the names of your future customers! 

Shine - Strong Economy

During the good times, Hownd can help you:

  • Continue Building your Customer Lists – Don’t wait until the rainy days to collect key information about nearby consumers.  Having a fresh customer list will pay off when things start to slow.  Hownd WiFi and website popups with new-customer promos or birthday promos are both great ways to collect consumer information.
  • Book More Profitable Birthday Parties – Our automated birthday campaigns send out multiple invitations prior to the special day, leading to better results
  • Strengthen Existing Consumer Relationships – Leverage all the promotional features of Hownd to keep customers coming back through your doors more often
  • Hire Employees! – Invite recent visitors to join your team by creating a bounceback promo that links to your job listing!

Running a local business can be difficult even in good times… and the challenges of the past few years have been exceptional.

For local merchants, it has truly been a story of drought and then deluge, and now it seems to be slowing again. 

No matter the economic weather, Hownd is here to help!

Merchants: We want to help you!

Please reach out to the Hownd Customer Support team for help leveraging the Hownd platform for your business needs: 

We would be happy to talk to you about the economic weather in your neighborhood and how we can help your business grow through both rain and shine.

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