How Municipalities and Local Businesses Are Supporting Each Other Through the COVID-19 Shutdown

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Disclaimer: The content below was published in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and is available to read as archive only. The information contained may no longer be current and may not reflect the existing standards for the Hownd platform. 

Please reach out to for the latest details if you have any questions.

In a time where seclusion and distancing is the norm, coming together to provide meaningful support has never been more crucial. At Hownd, we’ve worked diligently with municipalities here in Arizona to help local businesses bring back customers when they’re ready to reopen at no cost.

By bridging the gap between municipal leaders and the local merchants who call their metro areas home, we’ve worked to establish sponsorships to cover Results-Delivered Pricing™ fees on a first-come, first-served basis to assist with the economic recovery of brick & mortar businesses.

Here’s who we’ve broken ground with:

Buy Now, Save Local

The lowdown:
The City of Tempe has stepped up to fund $25,000 toward the Results-Delivered Pricing™ fees for local merchants. This means the businesses right here in our very own backyard have been able to start generating revenue right now through this program.

The lowdown:
Spreading out to the southeastern part of the state, Pima County and The City of Tucson have come through big to cover $20,000 each of Results-Delivered Pricing™ fees for participating businesses with this zero-risk opportunity.

Here’s recent feature on our partnership from KOLD13 Tempe

Queen Creek

The lowdown:
Building off of The Town of Queen Creek’s “Shop the QC” program, we’re partnering with their Chamber of Commerce to help local businesses clear the way for more customer traffic when the time is right. To accommodate local merchants, The Town of Queen Creek is covering $7,500 of Results-Delivered Pricing fees for Support Vouchers, Buy Now Offers, and Coupons.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind as we continue to keep momentum moving forward:

If you work for a municipality: Ask how you can help your local merchants. Reach out and listen to their pain points, emphasize, and take action where you can. Here’s a few additional ideas.

1. Halt or defer financial burdens for local businesses

Whether it’s helping to keep the utilities on or waiving fines, fees, interest, and penalties on tax payments, giving merchants the chance to sustain their business during this period can be the difference between surviving and closing up shop.

2. Create an online directory of COVID-19 resources for local businesses

Provide an online home for resources, tools, and information to aid business owners as they navigate through these tumultuous times. This can include a guide for local restaurants transitioning to curbside and to-go pickups and serve as a base for local, state, and federal resources.

3. Keep local businesses in the loop with regular webinars and teleconference calls

Right now, the need to know is strong. Focus on education and updates by inviting local merchants to participate in relevant virtual events and discussions. 

If you’re a local merchant: Stay positive, stay strong, and recognize that support both from the community—and your local officials are obtainable. 

1. Be an advocate for fellow businesses

Join a facebook group for local merchants and stay active within your community to help keep others connected.

2. Lead the Pack

Set an example for your employees by being assertive, transparent, attentive, and helpful both to them and your business.

The road back to a return to regular life will be long, and hard. But at Hownd, we’re doing everything in our power to make a difference. Together, we’ll keep pushing towards a brighter future. 

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