Monetize Visitor Foot Traffic with Guest WiFi Marketing

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Offering free guest WiFi is the secret to building long-term relationships with nearby consumers

Of all the visitors that come through your doors every day, only a fraction leave any trace. Businesses have no way to re-engage, leaving many to simply fade away.

More than 60% of visitors never return - Industry Statistics

Adding Hownd WiFi marketing is a proven way for Hownd merchants to monetize customer visits and drive repeat business:

  • Grow Your Customer List – Share free guest wifi to get valuable customer info
  • Generate Repeat Foot Traffic  – Automatic bounceback promos keep them coming back!
  • Know Who’s Using Your WiFi Network – Review detailed user logs and set per-user and time-of-day restrictions
  • Bonus Play – No more time-consuming “What’s the password?” back and forth with employees because visitors can simply use their own email addresses to connect!

“We’ve collected over 2,500 unique emails and love how the new emails automatically link to Hownd for our ongoing marketing efforts!”
Victory Lanes, Mooresville, North Carolina

“We’ve collected a lot more data about our customers through Hownd WiFi”
3 Trails Brewing Co., Independence, Missouri


Hownd WiFi is Simple to Set Up and Use: 

Connect our bundled WiFi hardware to your existing network or leverage your existing access points. 

Once connected, a guest can sign in and they will be directed to a customized WiFi login page that asks for their email address in exchange for your free wifi.  

The new customer email will be automatically linked to your Hownd account, making your future promotions more and more successful!

How Hownd WiFi Works

Want to Monetize Your Visitor Traffic?

It’s easy with Hownd – and it is just $49 per month per access point.
(and many locations need just one!)

Get started by completing this quick Wifi Survey!

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