Extra! Extra!

Hownd has partnered with the Houston Chronicle and Chron.com to bring you extra without extra cost!

Extra Exposure! Extra Revenue! Extra Foot Traffic!

Katy and Sugar Land businesses that sign up for Hownd could get a free featured listing in the local paper and Chron.com!

Get a Free Digital & Print Listing

Qualifying businesses that sign up for Hownd in Katy or Sugar Land will have a chance to get a free listing in the local paper – the Katy Rancher or the Sugar Land Sun – as well as a free listing on Chron.com.

With over 140,000 local newspaper readers and over 15 million monthly visitors to Chron.com, that’s a whole lot of free exposure just for joining Hownd!

What is Hownd?

Hownd is a marketing platform to help you promote special offers and generate effortless revenue and foot traffic.

When you want to promote a new offer, just log into your account, tell us what you have to offer, and we automatically distribute promotions to your current list and new customers via email, your website, your Facebook page, and more! We do the tedious work of distributing your promos so you can focus on what really matters to you and your business.

Hownd is ideal for brick and mortar entertainment, attractions, restaurants, health & beauty, lodging, and other experiential retail businesses. We call this Fun, Yum & Zen!

Don't Have a Current Customer List?

No problem! Hownd helps you collect emails, birthdays, and other data through guest WiFi, your website, and other channels on our network. Just ask about Hownd WiFi and our data collectors when you sign up.

Get Listed, Promote Offers, & Collect More Data With Hownd!

Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo, answer any questions you have, and setup a Hownd account for your business. If you’re a qualifying Katy or Sugar Land business we’ll give you more details on what it will look like to get your promo listed in the local weekly paper as well as Chron.com.

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