Home for the Holidays—Merry Christmas from FetchRev

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May your days be merry and bright.

Here in Tempe, we don’t bother dreaming of a white Christmas when 70 and sunny has been in the December forecast for decades. Still, for our FetchRev family, the holidays are a time for cozying up in our warmest pajamas, settling down in front of the fire instead of our laptop screens, and reflecting on the year gone by.

2017 brought with it a lot of change—both for our country and for our business. Our new name, FetchRev, started rolling off our tongues more comfortably in conversation as the days of LocBox became a distant memory. We left our temporary digs and broke ground on a new office location and quickly made it feel like home after the sawdust settled (for our human and canine residents).

Last year, we grew as a team, both in numbers and in heart. New Customer Success Managers, Engineers, and Account Executives joined the force, bringing experience, passion, and diversity to our already vibrant group. We weren’t just colleagues who grabbed the occasional lunch together—we became a family who banded together in times of triumph and need. We encouraged and supported coworkers through tough times, and even sponsored a spaceship to help a teammate’s partner travel to NASA for a rocketry competition. (Yeah, we’ve been outside the atmosphere, now excuse us as we brush the space dust off our shoulders).

On the business front, we welcomed multiple new major franchises and hundreds of businesses into the FetchRev fold. We’re looking forward to bringing customers back in the door across hundreds of locations nationwide on behalf of these exciting new clients in 2018 and beyond. We took our show on the road to a number of trade shows, playing meet-and-greet with some of the biggest players in the industries we work with on a daily basis. Our Rolodex grew fatter (side note: does anyone actually use a Rolodex anymore?) thanks to new partnerships like the International Association of Trampoline Parks and the Roller Skating Association.

All in all, we’re proud of the work we’ve done, and grateful for the good company we keep—both our colleagues and our clients. From our family to yours, have a merry little Christmas and a happy holiday. We’ll see you in 2018!

Devin Pangaro & Vanessa Demske
FetchRev Digital Content Team

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