The City of Tempe and Hownd Have Teamed Up to Help Local Businesses at No Cost

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Disclaimer: The content below was published during the COVID-19 pandemic and is available to read as archive only. The information contained may no longer be current and may not reflect the existing standards for the Hownd platform. 

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Buy Now, Save Local.

Now, perhaps more than ever, embracing a sense of community is key. That’s why Hownd and The City of Tempe have teamed up to help local businesses at no cost. Though we may still be physically separated by distance, it’s vital that we continue to find ways to come together to support each other — especially the local businesses that play such a major part in why we love calling Tempe home.

Local business owners pour their hearts and souls into Tempe by providing regionally-authentic dining, family fun experiences, and retail shops that are purely unique to the area. They employ our friends, neighbors and loved ones, collect essential revenue that maintain the city’s roads and public resources, sponsor crucial community events, and donate to our nonprofits. In short, they do a lot of good and right now, they need our help.

Committed to a goal of supporting local businesses while they prepare to reopen their doors in the aftermath of COVID-19, The City of Tempe has stepped up to generously fund $25,000 toward Pay-Per-Visit fees for local Tempe businesses.

Here’s how it works:

  • With our zero-risk platform featuring no upfront fees or subscription costs, Hownd and The City of Tempe are offering local brick and mortar businesses a unique opportunity to bring the first wave of customers back through their doors via “Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers”.

  • When consumers purchase these vouchers, the revenue is immediately deposited in the merchant’s bank account, giving them access to the cash flow they need now to help sustain their business.

  • While under regular circumstances, merchants would only pay Hownd a small, predetermined flat fee per visit, The City of Tempe’s financial contribution is covering the cost on a first come, first served basis so local owners can start generating revenue immediately.

Together, we’re in your corner and ready to help you start strong right when the storm passes.

Ready to get started? Let’s do it. Click Here

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