The Golden Days of Roller Skating, as Told by Advertisements

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Skate Fever Was The Real Deal

Roller skating had become so popular between the Great Depression Era and the 1990s that it had an almost cult-like following. Big brands, like Coca-Cola and Sony, were capitalizing on this fever. New restaurants were opening where the servers wore roller skates. Even the hottest celebrities were seen spotted in skates, and top-notch athletes were sponsored by roller skating companies.

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Roller Rinks Were The Hot Date Spots

Love was a language often spoken on the roller rink. First dates, anniversaries, Valentine’s day—these were all leading reasons for a trip to the rink. And it makes sense, roller skating was a great excuse for lovers to get in some extra hand-holding time.

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Roller Skating Was A Health Phenomenon

Like Crossfit or Yoga is today, Roller Skating used to be the hip way to stay in shape. From housewives maintaining their figure to aging individuals looking to stay youthful, all the way to parents and kids staying in shape as a family. You’ll notice by the ads that skate company Chicago really cornered this message.

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 Hollywood Took Full Advantage Of The Trend

Roller skating was a hot topic, and like all hot topics, someone capitalized on it and turned into a movie. Multiple movies, actually.

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Roller Skating Is Making A Comeback…In The Fashion Industry

Roller skating began to see a decrease in popularity in the late 90’s / early-2000s. Come the mid-2000s, you simply didn’t see skates plastered on the TV, magazines and papers. Not to say the activity died, but traffic definitely slowed, roller rinks weren’t aggressively sponsoring or advertising, and Hollywood had moved onto more recent trends.  However, lately roller skates seem to be making a comeback, and it’s returning hand-in-hand with 80’s and 90’s fashion trends.

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